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This kind of just happened today... Would appreciate feedback, since it's basically word vomit.

The Unsettling

May 22, 2020


The clouds gather dark in the April sky,
overshadowing the rooftops and
the fish on the tops of church steeples:
there’s a storm brewing.
The thunderstorm drips with pungent
fury, lightning lilting down from above,
a jagged unsettling tasting of bitter
electricity in the morning. Our hair
stands on end, high above our heads,
as the storm reaches down to stroke
us with its fiery touch and punishing
gaze. The sunlight has vanished; this
time, we don’t look for its return.
The rain pours down in crystalline
sheets, hail falls upon us as daggers,
the rooftops cave in over our heads;
they can’t support this weight.
The cities we’ve built for ourselves
crumble into ruins. Rain drops are
salty with tears, the lightning shatters
hearts and sends us diving into
dimly-lit caverns in search of shelter.
We ask one another: where is the hope?
But gaze across the horizon, and we
see a light breaking through the
darkness; even though we lost sight
of Him, He remained. He is still here
with us, to finish out our unsettling and
set us back on our feet.


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1 Comment
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh. My. Gosh. Everything from the imagery to the emotion to the turnaround. Amazing.

    10 months ago