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Top 9 Myths about ADHD by Mason Wong

May 22, 2020

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     Having ADHD can be hard. What can be harder is when everyone else around you start judging and having all these myths that think is true. However, we can bust those myths by using the knowledge we have. You may ask how I know, the things is I have it too. So, i Know how it feels, when you are being judged, bullied, and teased.

1. ADHD is something people make up
     I don't know how many time have i heard this. This totally wrong, ADHD is real, but name change. The reason why ADHD changes it names is because scientist know more and more about it. Also, ADHD have been in medical literature for 100 years.  The U.S Department of Education, The Center For Disease Control, The National institutes of health, and the American Psychiatric Association all said that ADHD is a real medical condition.

2. ADHD is just bad behavior

     ADHD is not just bad behavior. It is how our brain is function differently, and it is highly genetic.

3. ADHD is something you can grow out of.

     This is not true. Symptoms can improve, but people with ADHD don't just grow out of it. Many are diagnosed later in life, mostly when their kids is diagnosed.

4. Gifted student can't have ADHD

     That is totally not true. Anyone can have it, they just need to have the symptoms. I am a gifted student, I have a 4.0 GPA, and I have combined ADHD.

5. Everyone is a little ADHD.

     This is not true. For example, you can't have depression because you are little sad. It is the same thing for ADHD.

6. Only boys can have it
     That is not true as well, boys and girls both can ADHD. Remember is do they have symtopms that affect them to impairment and can't be explained by anything else.

7.  ADHD is result of bad parenting

     This is not true. Reserch show that over critical parenting will worsen ADHD symtopms, and belts do not cure it. Also, you might get arrested and charged with cruelty to children to you hit them.

8. Medication cures ADHD

    This is not true. Medication help managing the symptoms, it is highly effective, but medication wears off symptoms return.

9. People with ADHD will never be sucessful.

    This is not true. WIth right treatment people with ADHD can be sucessful. For example, Justin TImberlake, Bill gates, Albert Einstein, and Abraham Licholn are all examples. The factor that is contribute the most is how parent and teacher react.

Please stop judging people with ADHD, we already have many diffculties, we don't need more.


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  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Thank you for sharing this! I have had many ADHD friends over the years, and it always hurt me to see how people judged them based on these common stereotypes. Thank you for speaking up!

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Thank you so much for this!! I have ADHD (by diagnosis), but not even my parents believe me due to some of these myths, particularly 4, and due to stereotypes that come from the way ADHD usually manifests in males.

    7 months ago