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OK, so I am thirteen going on fourteen, I love to read, and I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! I am straight and I am a Christian, but everyone should get equal treatment (women, trans, etc.). Running out of words, so...check out my MUST READS piece! BYE NOW! :)

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Sophie Foster is my profile pic from Keeper of the Lost Cities. And check out my Cedric + Hermione fanfic if you haven’t already. Thank you!

Eight People To Go Part 1 #boredwriter

May 22, 2020


    "How many more?"
    Boss stroked his mustache. "Hm...I think we need eight more. Why? Bored already?"
    Maria gritted her teeth to stop herself from ripping out Boss's throat with them. "Don't even pretend like I do this because I want to. You of all people know that this is the last thing I want to be doing."
    Boss sighed. "Yes, it's a pity. After this eight, I will have no choice but to release your brother. Honestly, I don't understand why you don't just give up on him. It's his fault that he failed to fulfill his end of the deal. One should know that if you make a bargain with the most powerful person in the slums of New York City, you need to be able to pay up."
    "Just tell me who the next target is."
    Boss slid a piece of paper across the table to Maria. "Drake Summers. Twenty-five years old. Mother died of cancer a year ago. Father ran out on them when Drake was five. You know, the classic sob-story."
    Maria studied the paper. Printed on it was a photo of a youthful, bright-looking man with messy blond hair and twinkling blue eyes. "Any friends? Or love interests?"
    "Lots of friends, actually. He's a pretty popular guy. As for love interests...well, from his photo, I'm sure you can tell there are many who would want to be his love interest. However, our sources say he hasn't had a girlfriend since college, almost three years ago."
    "Why do you want him dead?"
    "My son went to the same college. Apparently, Drake ruined his life. Stole his girlfriend, caused everyone to avoid him, made all the teachers hate him..."
    Maria had only met Boss's son one time. To say the least, she didn't want to ever repeat the experience. "Don't you think your son's account could be a little...biased?"
    Boss frowned. "Listen, Maria, I like you." He reached for her hand but she quickly snatched it away. He continued, unbothered. "Why do you think I gave you a chance to earn your brother's freedom?"
    Maria clenched her fists, doing her best not to wrap them around Boss's fat neck. "Forcing me to kill fifty people in exchange for my brother's life is not mercy."
    "Maria, if I had just let him go, people would think I was getting soft. I need to run a tight ship t-"
    Maria held up a hand. "I don't want to hear it. Just give me the file and let me leave."
    Boss handed the file to Maria. "You are free to go."
   Maria took the file from him and got up to leave.
   “Would you like to see your brother?” Boss asked suddenly.
   “If you want, I can arrange a video call with him. It’s been months since the last call.”
   Maria hesitated. “I...”
   Alyssa, a voice in her head whispered. Henry. James. Zane. Jill.
Stop, Maria whimpered. Please, stop.
   How can you forget them so quickly? It wasn’t hard the first few times...but how about now? Is it easy to f-
“Maria. Maria!”
   Maria raised her head to glare at Boss. “My answer is no.”
   Boss’s eyes widened in surprise. “No? You don’t want to see your brother?”
   “I hate him,” Maria hissed. “It hate him! I wish I had realized that before making this deal with you! So that all those people didn’t have to die!”
    Maria spun around and stomped out of the room.


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  • Chloe :) <3

    Replying: Word counts are ideally maximum! Hope you enter something!

    8 days ago
  • Chloe :) <3

    Wow!! This is amazing! I love this !!
    Also Created a 50 follower contest and some of these prompts I think you might like - not sure! Please have a look if/when you can!!

    8 days ago
  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Woo hoo, I'm getting into this! Really awesome plot!

    8 days ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    Wow :O I'm shook! Wonderful job done! Thanks for entering the competition yet again X3

    8 days ago