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I'm going to take my group; however big or small it is, and I'm going to change the world.
~Francis Chan
With every broken bone, I swear I lived

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May 22, 2020


My indecision. I was writing. Enhanced in my words with the music filling my ears and drowning out all other noise. I didn't care which twin brother was fighting the other. I didn't care how loud my mother was yelling. 
"Can we play Legos?" The younger twin asked me with puppy eyes.
"I'm busy, go tackle your brother."
"Can I change the music?"
"No, I like the currently playing masterpiece."
"Just go away." I waved him away dismissively. I pulled back into my world not caring about anything. Just words, I liked those. 
"David won't let me go outside." I sighed. Twins, why twins?
"Go through the front door and walk around to the back."
"Fine, go make some hot chocolate."
"Okay!" Finally. Three more sentences got jotted down, Onerepublic blasted and I hummed along. There was a pause and AJR replaced my beautiful music.
"DAVID JOSHUA WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!????" I stomped over to my brother as he stuttered and tried to change it back.
"I-I'm s-s-s-sorry don't hurt me." I huffed and tapped to my song.
"Don't anger your sister, David, she will hurt you and hurt you so bad you gonna pee your pants." I laughed and nodded.
"Yep, don't empty your bladder dude."
"So can we play Legos?"
"Okay, maybe." The other twin came up behind me,
"Does hot choclate make me breath fire if I heat it up enough?"
"No, buddy, sorry." 
Mornings. yay. yawn. Hey, when can I text?


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