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Let the darkness within spill out, you held yourself back for years, it has killed you inside really slow, why do you stitch that lie of a smile?

Challenge Completed!!

May 22, 2020

Day 1
It's a different world through the window. 

Day 2
Two six- year- olds,  
one drenched in rain,  
the other forbidden to step out, 
Both wished to be on the other side of the window. 

Day 3
Open the windows of your mind, and  your soul would not be blind anymore..  

Day 4
Even through a broken window you look lovely. 

Day 5
No one other than a writer will ever understand that a writer is working when staring out the window...  


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    Congratulations for completing the challenge!

    3 days ago