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the city that runs on dreams

May 22, 2020


my hometown is synonymous with hope, for it is the dreams of its people that propels it forward.

we started as a blank canvas - one man with a plan that has turned into a vision for the future. look around and it's skyscrapers galore, verdant trees everywhere competing with the indomitable heat that intrudes in at all times of the day. we dreamed of being more than a tiny red dot; more than an island blessed by its geographical location. now we've become no less than a red pin on the map, a beacon calling out to others.

here, we run on each other's dreams: kids become who their parents dreamed they'd be; lovers take the leap into a new life of their dreams. at night, this is all i can see - their dreams of better lives have replaced the stars that vanished when we lit up. each dream-star is distinct, yet as they spread across our vast night sky, it becomes harder and harder to find my place in our sky. it makes me yearn for a newer, clearer sky to settle under. but i keep these traitorous thoughts to myself, for declaring otherwise means turning my back on what others have built for me.

so, i keep going. it is only by the dreams of others that i've been able to form my own and know what it really means to chase them down. whether that's pursuing them here or somewhere else in the world, I'll always be indebted to my hometown, for the people who have given their dreams to build me from the ground up. no matter where i go, i'll still be under the same sky. but for now, i stay focused on our stars, and dream my own star into existence.

word count: 299 (hope thats ok)
for @Crazy 's competition!

if y'all didn't know, i'm from singapore! it's a small island/country/city, barely big enough to be called a city tbh but we still do anyway. it's hot as balls all the time and you can't really see stars (unless you go to someplace by the beach, even then it's only a few). many young people (including me) want to leave this place at some point, but i have doubts about leaving this place, bc i've already got it good here. 

"so stay or leave, part of me will always be half of my hometown"

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  • Chloe :) <3

    Wow!! This is amazing! I love it !!
    Also Created a 50 follower contest and would love if you could please have a look if/when you can!!

    6 months ago
  • Elissa Tham

    this is amazing! it portrays some of our Singapore lifestyle and your opinion on it. staying or not, i hope you are able to truly live your dreams and inspire other stars to do the same!

    6 months ago
  • Emi

    I love how you show your conflicted love for your area. I also like the whole theme of dreams and how they relate to stars; that is very pretty.

    6 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    Sorry, but I can’t review your piece unless I join your group. Can you copy and paste it on another piece for free writing? Or let me review a different piece?

    6 months ago