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April 7, 2015



The Little Gymnast Girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Celina. She was four years old. She was also very flexible. In Her little apartment, she taught herself how to do cartwheels, handsprings, and even back walkovers, and tumbled across the floor, climbed on the bookshelves, and scooted up poles. So, her mother, was tired of all her tumbling, said why not send her to take gymnastics? I bet she would be in level three! But on the inside her mom wasn’t so sure. Celina’s older sister, Celinia once loved to do gymnastics too. Unfortunately, when training, Celinia broke her wrist and leg in two different places. So her mom made her quit. But Celinia still wanted her little sister Celina, to take gymnastics to take her place. Celinia was eight and she just quit last year. So Celinia begged her mom to let Celina do gymnastics. Her mom was firm though she wouldn’t let Celina go to tryouts. Celina got better and better though and when she was five, she was better than her sister. She started begging her mom to let her do gymnastics too. Finally, when Celina was six, and Celinia was ten, her mom agreed. After two years of begging from Celina and her sister, her mom had agreed although she made Celina promise she would not do anything serious. Celina agreed. When she took her trial class, her coach recognized her as her sister Celinia when she was six. Celina was nervous. A lot of the girls there looked a lot older and better than her. But her talent was no match for all the other girls. Her coach was very impressed and moved her up to level four. There she trained four times a week and trained for the competitive team. She trained hard and finally the big day was here. The competitive team tryouts! Celina was very nervous. Even more nervous than when she had first done her flip on the beam. She wasn’t even sure the could remember her routines! Suddenly she heard the voice on the loudspeaker.” All competing gymnasts please report to the warm up rooms” Celina gulped. It was time. When she watched her teammates perform their routines, she felt calmer. Suddenly the dreaded moment came. Celina Meyers! The loudspeaker announced. The next moment Celina found herself being pushed along the aisles and people whispering, “good luck Celina!”          

Celina stood on the wooden part of the floor and waiting for her name to be called. As she waited, she looked at her family. Her mom was waving her sister Celinia was grinning and her dad was looking at his phone:(. Then she heard it. She saluted and began her floor routine. She felt like she was flying. The rest of her routines went well too. Finally it was over. As Celina waited for the judges to calculate, she grew nervous. What if she didn’t make it to the competitive team? What would her sister say? She tried to push the thoughts out of her head. Finally, the Judges announced the winners. “Mia!” “Penelope!” “and taking the last place on the competitive team”… Celina held her breath… “Celina Meyers”!!!!!!!!! Celina jumped up and down and screamed. Her dream had come true!



For girls who love gymnatics!


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