Sanaa Jackson

United States

I'm 16 years old. I'm from Miami, Florida. I am a young writer would like to change and inspire the world through my words.

Miss Photogenic

May 27, 2020

PROMPT: Open Prompt

As I look in the mirror I see a glow.
A beautiful smile of wonder with eyes that can pass anything. 
Is that the picture the world have of a beauty queen.
I imagine a girl that makes mistakes. 
No makeup up just her beautiful natural skin. 
Standing in front of a crowd with insecurities and all.
She's born a queen no royal blood but, her father's last words declared it .
My Crown might slip from time to time but, it never falls off. 
I'm 2015 miss Photogenic not perfect grows, learns  from my mistakes. 
No facade lived here.

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    This is quite different from poems I’ve seen before, which have dealt with themes of hating your body, but this poem presents a speaker who is supposed to be perfect. However, I love how between the lines weave this thread of insecurity, as seen from the quotes, ‘My crown may slip from time to time.’ and ‘standing in front of a crowd with insecurities and all.’ I wonder when she says ‘I imagine a girl that makes mistakes’ if she is talking about herself in the past or imagining someone else entirely, I think it can be interpreted in two ways. Welcome to WtW!

    6 months ago