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Margalo's Story

April 7, 2015



Margalo’s Story


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a baby girl was born. Queen Charlotte and King Tomis couldn’t decide what to name their little beautiful daughter. Finally after a lot of name trying, the Queen thought of a beautiful name for their girl-Margalo. The King agreed, though his top name was Priscilla, so it was settled- Margalo.


Ever since she was born, Margalo was treated royally. When she was five, she learned her kingdom’s name Evajewel, meaning everything was beautiful and made out of jewels. Margalo learned that the name came from Ever Jewel.


Margalo also went to school. Her school was called Vermont Elementary. She made friends, Alisha and Maliea. She also met a worldly girl named Ida. She always made fun of Margalo. Ida had long blond hair.  Margalo had long black hair but she wanted to cut it because she was a tomboy. The King didn’t want her too because he said Margalo should act more girly. When she was nine, the King got stomach cancer and sadly died. Margalo was sad and upset but also she was glad she could cut her hair (It was to her knees). She went and got her hair cut. Short!


At school, Ida continued to make fun of Margalo. One day, Margalo fought back and the bullying stopped. Margalo grew and grew and when she was ten, she became Queen. She ruled over her land. She invited all her friends to live with her even Ida. After a few months, Margalo found a bundle of cloth at her front  door. She opened it and inside was a baby and a note. This is what it said:


Dear Queen Margalo,

Please take care of this baby. Her name is Isabel.

Thank you,



Margalo accepted the child and sighed. This was going to be a new life with a baby sister!

For all little girls like reading princess stories:)


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