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Couldn’t help but enter this competition- the prompt was too good. Sorry I republished- I noticed a horrifically blatant grammatical error.

gold in the sunlight #ekphrasis1

May 23, 2020


Sacrificial gold shimmers in sheets amongst the sunlight,
and you, a rabbit-hearted girl, spill your own sinner blood
and bestow it to the devil in vile vials (But will it ever be enough)?

Humanity and it’s era of slaughter beg more of you every day
(and rabbit’s feet decay in bushels beside your crimson hands).
So you sacrifice your tender heart to the altar

(But who is the lamb and who is the knife)?

And you should be strong like the crimson waves of the churning ocean,
its looking glass surface alluring and new with flints of gold 
like Midas noxious touch (and Midas is king, he holds you so tight).

And now you burn gold in the sunlight, your sacrifice ringing,
Your rabbit heart dissipating like the setting sun, but no lion
No lion takes it place, and you’re cold and gold

(but darling, you were the knife).

But this is a gift. You are not made of flesh and bone but
gold and metal, immortal like plastic suns, and one day,
one day you will melt, weak once more, a rabbit-hearted girl, but

this is a gift (it comes with a price).
-Word count: 194 (so close to 200)
-Song: Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) by Florence and the Machine
-All italics and the title are quotations or close quotations from the song’s lyrics


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