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Bad Thoughts (Chapter 4 of Never Really Real)

May 27, 2020


    We still had three hours left of school and P.E. was right after lunch. Sadly, I had Danielle in P.E. but no Annabelle. I changed into my uniform as quickly as possible, trying to avoid the snobbish girl at all costs. But, I swear, she was looking for me.
    She sat right next to me on the bleachers while we waited for instructions.
    "Why'd you beat Jacob up?" she asked, her words sweet as sugar.
    "Because I was mad at him." I didn't glance at her but I did watch her out of the corner of my eye.
    "Well, it was mean and reveals how insecure you are."
    I gasped and looked at her. And then I laughed.
    "What?" she cried. "Why are you laughing?"
    I wiped my eyes, were moisture had risen up because of laughing so hard. "Your delusional," I told her. "To think it 'revealed' how insecure I am. It was definitely mean and I am certainly insecure about things but to think it revolves around that is sad."
    Her mouth was hanging open and seeing her face just made me laugh harder. I was holding my stomach. I finally got it under control by taking deep breaths and avoiding looking at any one thing for too long. She was still staring at me when I finally looked at her. I suppressed a giggle and tried to explain. "Jacob broke up with me. I am over it. My insecurities happen to be closer to the fact that I cannot wield a sword or fly on a dragon. But I long to."
    She closed her mouth and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "Just goes to show how stupid you are. Wishing to fly is for babies. Real girls wish for their boyfriends not to break up with them."
    I leaned closer to her and put my mouth to her ear. "Who said I was real? I could just be a figment of your imagination."
    She swatted at me and I leaned back before I could get hit. Harlow came and sat next to me, forcing Danielle to scoot over. She glared at me and I smiled back. I made the crazy sign and I could have sworn daggers were going to start shooting out of her eyes.
    I sat back in my seat, my arms crossed over my chest. Harlow nodded and smirked. "Don't go getting into trouble," he said. "I already have Annabelle for that."
    I laughed and agreed. Annabelle was a wild card and had been one from the beginning. She tripped in in kindergarten so she could say hi. And we had been friends ever since.
    Danielle put her hand on Harlow's shoulder. "Why didn't you come hang out with me and Jacob at lunch?" she asked.
    "Uh," Harlow stated like it was obvious. "I was hanging out with my friends."
    Danielle made a pouty face. "Jacob and I aren't your friends?"
    Harlow's eyebrows went up. "Jacob's friendship is currently being reevaluated and you are most definitely not my friend."
    "Why not?"
    I leaned over so I could see Danielle. "Do you want the list?" I asked.
    She harumphed and sat back. Coach Sarah picked up her clipboard and took role call. Then she explained what we were going to do for today. "It's been a long couple of weeks with the Basketball unit," she said. "So today, I'll let you guys play kickball." There were cheers from the whole class including Harlow. I sighed and resigned myself to my fate.
    Two boys were picked as team captains. They chose from the class, the most athletic kids going first. Immediately after that was the popular kids who weren't the most athletic. And then it was me. We began the game and my team was kicking first. I was last in line but my team had good kickers and we only had one out when it was my turn. Danielle was pitching and she smiled at me as she rolled it. I tried to kick it but I barely bunted it, hitting it a little too far on the right side of the ball. I started running as fast as I could. I got to first base and started for second base. I heard something whistling. I ducked barely avoiding the headshot that someone had thrown. I made it to second and stopped there. I took a deep breath and watched Danielle glare. I smiled. I may not have been athletic but I was fast and I knew how to avoid being caught. I felt some satisfaction in beating Danielle's attempt to get me out.

My hand was caught in my hair, my elbow resting on my desk. I glared down at the paper. I liked math. It wasn't hard and I could do it but today, I didn't want to do it. I was too tired of school and all of its drama to deal with homework. I put the paper away. Later, I told myself. I would do it later. When I could manage to think clearly.
    I heard people coming up the stairs. Laughing. Annabelle and Harlow practically fell in the doorway. Annabelle was trying to shove Harlow away, but she was laughing too hard to do much. Harlow had his water bottle in his hand and he was trying to squirt it at her. He aimed it at her and then aimed it at me. 
    My eyes widened. "No," I commanded. "No." I used my arms to block my face and I stood up slowly. I walked over to my bed. Harlow followed me with the water bottle. We stared at each other for a moment and then he squirted. I ducked behind the bed and avoided most of the water aimed at me. I got some water on my face but it wasn't a huge amount. Annabelle crawled over to me. She was almost completely soaked.
    She was breathing hard but she gathered enough breath to speak. "On three we jump out and tackle him. I'll get his hands, you get the water bottle."
    I nodded and she silently counted to three.

    We jumped out, taking Harlow down. We wrestled for the water bottle, pulling back and forth. Annabelle peeled his fingers back and I wrested the bottle free.
    "Ha!" I cried out triumphantly. I aimed the bottle at him. Annabelle held his hands behind his back and sat on him to keep him on the ground.
    "What are you gonna do? Shoot me?" Harlow asked.
    Annabelle looked at me. "Shoot him."
    I nodded. I took aim at his face and squeezed the bottle.
    He shook his head, trying to avoid the water. By the time the water bottle was empty, Harlow's face was completely wet and Annabelle had let go of him. I threw the water bottle at Harlow while he turned over and grabbed Annabelle around the waist.
    I sat down on my bed, tired but smiling so wide that it hurt. Harlow picked Annabelle up and came and sat down next to me. Annabelle slid off of his lap to sit in the middle. She kept hold of his arm, though.
    "Thanks, guys."
    Annabelle and Harlow both looked at me, confused. I figured they couldn't tell if I was being sarcastic or not.
    "For the water war. I needed it."
    Harlow shrugged but Annabelle wrapped one arm around me. "Then it served an unknown purpose."
    Harlow smirked. "It's original purpose was to get Annabelle back for stealing my jacket."
    I looked at Annabelle questionable and she shrugged this time. "I wanted it. But now it's down in your living room where I abandoned it in an attempt to escape the water bottle."
    I laughed. "Well, thanks anyway. You have saved me from boredom and thoughts."
    "Uh oh," Annabelle said. "Thoughts are not good."
    I agreed. "Not good at all."
    Harlow looked at us. "What the heck are you guys talking about? I will never understand girls and how they so oddly communicate."


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