Hey there! I am a half Singaporean and half Brazilian full-time-nerd. I'm homeschooled, a bookworm and I love to use words and art to express myself. I mainly express my feelings by writing, singing, dancing and photographing.

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Feel free to give any suggestions and tips. I want to grow in writing so I am open to receive any constructive criticism and as many tips as possible.

My grammar isn't perfect, I am still working on it and trying to expand my vocabulary.
I am also trying to learn different areas in writing and leave my comfort zone.

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Older Sisters and Magical Kingdoms

May 21, 2020


A short dialogue by three sisters:

"Wouldn't it be splendid to go there?" asked dreamy Mel leaving on of her daydreams.
"Go where?" questioned Sam puzzled, "I am great here in my own home."
"You shouldn't," said Mel in a firm tone, "I wish I could discover a new magical world and have it to myself"
"Actually, it would be quite a wonderful experience," affirmed Lucy entering the conversation, "but I wouldn't be able to enter a fairyland like the two of you."
"Why not?" the two girls asked together almost in harmony.
"Because I am too old," explained Lucy, "I don't think older girls are allowed in magical kingdoms. They would ruin the magic, don't you think?"
"Well, I do not", argued Mel, "If you want to and believe in the magic, you can."
"What do you think Sam?" asked Lucy directing herself to her middle sister.
"Why me? I don't know much about magic", Sam started, "but I think she's [Mel] right. There is no reason that would keep you from becoming a princess if such a kingdom existed."
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" exclaimed Mel, "WHO SAID MAGIC KINGDOMS DON'T EXIST? You are just jealous I will get to be a princess and you won't."

The younger girls started bickering while Lucy laid back and giggled at the situation.


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  • Dragonfly

    I love this piece! The whole scene depicts the differences and similarity of siblings very well. I also love the magic topic

    5 months ago
  • The Ha

    Keep up the amazing work. This writing was so much fun to read

    8 months ago
  • Emi (Revival Year #NEWYEAR)

    I love the relationship between the three sisters here. It would be cool if you wrote a sequel story where they actually did go into a magical land!

    8 months ago