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Diary of Gold Rush - 6

April 11, 2015



Diary of Gold Rush - 6


Okay so, I wrote to my mom saying that I has chosen a name for the twins. It’s either Amaya and Neveah or Sophie and Sophia, or Aliviya and Avery or Abigail and Emma, or Hailey and Hannah. My favorite is actually Faith and Grace, but I didn’t include that. I got a letter from my mom today. She picked the top two which were, Alice and Emma and Amaya and Avery. And she asked ME to pick. I would probably choose, Amaya and Emma, but instead I chose Aliviya and Amaya. I can’t wait to see my new twin sisters! Anyway, Mom also sent a picture of Alice and Amaya. Here it is:


Actually, It’s just a drawing made by ME. Hey, it’s not that easy drawing when you’re walking! Dad told me Auntie Lucy is going to become pregnant and it’s a baby boy! Kadyn was going to name him but since he’s sick, I get to name him. YEA! I thought about boy names and finally came up with my top 5 favorite names. Adrian, Alex, Avery, Sam, and Nathan. My favorite is Avery. I wish that I could name more babies. I like making up names that aren't mine.




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