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Brandon Gregory

King Leopold

May 12, 2014

The novel "King Leopold's Ghost" by Adam Hochschild is about King Leopold II taking over the Congo. When King Leopold saw that the Congo was up for grabs because no one else wanted it. Leopold took the opportunity to go and take the Congo. It is a first-come, first-served situation. Leopold saw the Congo as a good thing because of the natural resources. Leopold used the Congo to his advantage to make money off the natural resources in order to make Belgium wealthier. Leopold was smart. He made other people do his dirty work in the Congo, while he stayed away from it and dealt with the other states that get tried to get in his way. One of the first people King Leopold used was Sir Henry Morton Stanley. He was sent to the Congo to find the right place to settle and to start their evil deeds. In the text King Leopold never really visited the Congo. He just told the people to do what ever it takes to get the job done. This is the point where everything started to get worse and worse. The jobs there started with elephant tusk and then went to rubber after a man made a re-inflatable tier. King Leopold found out that the Congo had a lot of rubber so he told his people to start making the Africans retrieve rubber so it can be sold and again he did not care how it was done. King Leopold was a man with a lot of power and he tricked lots of people with his lies about the Congo on what he said he would do but he did not do. In the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad he showed the world what the Congo was really like. Joseph Conrad wanted people to know about all the cruel things that were happening in the Congo he did not want anyone to be left out. He made the people that were Europeans look bad because of all the bad things that they had done to the Africans. Joseph was not happy with any of this. He exposed so much on how bad people were treated in the Congo and it was like he wanted it to change. Human nature is different for everyone in the world people may see themselves as the better person and not care about anyone so they treat everyone else differently. If someone is high command and they are ruling over everyone they may care for their people or they may not their actions define the person who they are. Human nature is a cruel thing you may trust people but there comes a time where they will turn their backs on you. People do this because they care about themselves and they do not what to get hurt but what they are doing is hurting everyone that trusted that one person.People will try and stop you from your dreams and it is hard because sometimes you may believe them. Life is not fair because people are not fair they just want what you have so do not let them take that from you live life to the fullest be proud of yourself and what you do.

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