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I write, not because I want to, but because I need to. Otherwise, these flurrying thoughts in my mind won't leave me alone.

24 Hours

May 23, 2020

PROMPT: Flashlight

A day consists of 24 hours,
starting from the golden drops of sunlight pouring
to the tenebrous viel of night that follows.

Humans don't take a single second for granted,
Jumping straight to action from the crack of very dawn.
They cook,clean,wash and preach
and don't forget to mow their lawns.

Next they dress and head to their cars,
their presence needed for their jobs.
There they slog and sweat,
toil and moil for their weekly wage.
Keep on the spadework and let their minds clutter
for they bring in the bread and butter.

The day lags on and so does the work,
And hence the evening gets submerged.
By that time they hurry home,
carrying their weary bones.

So from dusk to dawn
Each minute is accounted
and it seems like no one has time for anything else.

Then pray tell me,
how do they find time to hate judge and despise everyone else?



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