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erica, a soft sapphic who:

wears too much yellow
thinks about space a little too often
cries more than she should


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thanks for reading. minor edits made since first publication.
an entry for @Crazy's contest.

twelve flags on the map of my hometown

May 21, 2020


places on the map of my hometown
  1. the church. jesus and the bible and friendships i thought would be lifelong. turns out when people stop agreeing with you they're harder to be friends with.
  2. the elementary school, part one. they tried to teach me to read.
  3. the elementary school, part two. they let me read.
  4. my fred meyer. i get disoriented in all the other ones.
  5. the park, summer days and tree shades, bb pellets in the bark and climbing and pool gates.
  6. my elementary school, part three, and my middle school parts one two three. algebra and holding hands under the lunch table and greasy cheese pizza.
  7. the gym, where i learned handstands, handsprings, kips. silver and navy taught me passion while silver and bronze taught me loss. here, i learned to fake a goodbye.
  8. my high school, yellow and red and existential dread and calculus, osmosis, how to read shakespeare and get it.
  9. the houses of real friends for the first time, all in the same five square miles, driving carpool early in the morning, singing off-key in my little hyundai elantra with the windows rolled down, friendships i selfishly hope will last forever.
  10. my writing center. i learned to be a leader, a tutor, a learner, a friend, all at once. if there's one thing i'll miss about high school it's not yellow or red or existential dread, it's this.
  11. the gym, where i returned and taught handstands, handsprings, kips, passion, loss. here, i learned to say goodbye and make it final.
  12. and home, winding through the streets, and across the yards of every building i've ever stepped foot in, and spreading over the miles like the warmth in my chest when i think of my hometown.
word count 290
inspired by my dear nano friend. shoot for the stars, vita.


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