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just a melancholy, existential girl with a penchant for poetry, fairy tales, and magical realism.

Message to Readers

it's 11:37 PM and that means all the best creative juices are flowing!! so enjoy this short piece before i, as usual, decide to take it down :))

the science of peregrination

May 27, 2020


adolescent aspires to be aliferous 
        fingers the nubs of her shoulder blades because 
                            maybe they hold the secret to flight. 
        after all, she has traced the sloping curves of her contour in the mirror, 
                            that her nascent femininity cannot be aerodynamic,  
so she exhales herself into fragility 
        and tars her molten plumage; 
                childhood gives her wings 
        and maturity strips them away. 
                                    instead of feathers, 
she idolizes the blue jays and wonders 
                    if she, too, can migrate, 


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  • mia_:)

    Replying: Oh, no worries! It was The Summer Between Us. Good luck on the magazine! That piece was so stunning, so you have a good chance at getting it in! :D

    8 months ago
  • MarvelousMarshmallow

    Agh your words are so sophisticated if you take this down we'll lose an amazing peice :(

    8 months ago
  • sunny.v

    gah your word choice is just so beautifully constant? i don’t think you ever take a pause to NOT say gorgeous words and man is that a talent!

    8 months ago
  • Eleanor M

    I'm going to agree with white mountains, DON'T TAKE IT DOWN! I love this piece, and so many others will too!!

    8 months ago
  • joella

    don't take this down!! it's beautiful

    8 months ago