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Diary of Gold Rush -5

April 7, 2015



Diary of the Gold Rush -Katrina’s worst fear


Tuesday, April 10th, 1849

That night, I was restless. I tossed and turned all night and got NO sleep. I was too worried and sad. I think Kadyn won’t make it.  The following morning, all the good news was that my mom wrote back a letter for me. Here it is…


Dear Katrina

Hey there! Glad to hear

everyone's well! The trip is

going well huh? I wish I could

have come along.

Write back soon!

   Love Mom


As you know, mom doesn’t know about all the trouble this trip is causing because I didn’t tell her. But I am planning to tell her in my next letter though. As I was saying, mom doesn't mean she really wanted to come along on the trip did she? Probably not. Another thing is that I can’t write back soon. Dad is making me take care of Kadyn while he is preparing dinner or something like that. At least before we left, I was able to fit this letter in before the wagon started. I was in a rush, so it wasn’t my best. Okay here it is, if you really want to see it:


Dear Mom

Kadyn got sick and Dad said he won’t make it.

I really wish you were here with me and Kadyn.

The only good news is that I saw Blue Crow

yesterday. That means we’re ahead!



It’s true. Dad said Kadyn probably won’t make it. I think he’s mad at me. He won’t make eye contact and won’t speak to me at all! Even when I talk to him! All the good news is that I heard mom had new babies! And their twins! I get to name them. I am thinking about Trinity and Neveah. Well, they are twins, it would be awful if they had names totally alike from each other. Also, I overheard dad tell Kadyn that his sickness is not Cholera because if you got Cholera, you would get diarrhea and die. THAT made me lose my appetite. At least for now. I really miss mom and even more her delicious Sunday meals. Here, it’s just lettuce and potatoes. Every day.


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