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14 years old
*Loves - music, nature, poetry, emotive writing and thinking*
*Passionate about - the environment and love as the number one virtue*
*Wants to - make an impact, help others*
Also - plays piano and cello, is Christian


May 20, 2020



Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla?
at those words I’m already falling
because I am the sort of person
who crumples at the thought
of an ice cream store.

To the beach, pool or lake?
at those words I’m already drowning
because more than one wave
pushes me under and sucks
the air from my lungs.

Left, right or centre?
those words plague me like glue
and coat me in such thick layers
that I simply cannot move
until all the gates are closed...

And I’m left behind, alone
with no one to untangle me from this web,
but I cannot do it, alone,
because I can’t decide where to begin.

Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla?
The beach pool or lake?
Left, right or center?
What will you do with your life-

They tell me just to choose one,
but they don’t understand
that every choice is a path
that leads me to regret,
that every decision’s made
under the blindfold of humanity,
and it’s impossible to tell which one
will push me to stress and mistakes.

This is the price of freedom,
but am I ever truely free,
if every decision, made in anguish, 
shoves me to differing levels of tormenting regret
for eternity?
I don’t know.


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1 Comment
  • best at procrastinating

    I can totally relate. Wow, that last stanza especially is so true. I had to reread it a few times to let it sink in.

    5 days ago