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Diary of Gold Rush-3

April 7, 2015



Diary of Gold Rush -3

Thursday, April 5th, 1849


i got a letter from my mom today. Here’s what it said:


Dear Katrina

Glad to hear that! Have you

been using the journal i bought

you? I can’t wait to read all

about your adventures!


            Love mom


How can she think I haven’t been writing in my journal?! I’ve been writing in it every second I get! Anyway, dad said Kadyn is very sick but he’ll make it to the gold fields. Good! all Kadyn wanted to do on this trip was to look at miners and gold fields! Kadyn was to weak to walk, but we couldn’t wait until he got better! That left us one choice. To pull him in the wagon. The wagon was so bumpy that Kadyn threw up and all the milk turned into sweet butter! Can you believe that? Butter!



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