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what i could do to improove would be nice and how it makes people feel

i am from

May 19, 2020


I am from
I am from my teddy bear
I am from my  family
I am from fighting 24/7 and crying 
I am from the end I wished I had
I am from the small forest that I ran through every day
I am from my broken life and broken family
I am from the randomness of my heart the craziness of my life
I am from selfish words and empty threats
I am from the yelling and screaming 
I am from “ DON’T say that” & “apologize” 
I am from the hatred and life scaring pain
I am from “ leave me alone!” & “ go away!”
I am from the outburst of tears
I am from heavens that sent me down, 
Eventually I will die and go back up  
I am from this living hell of a paradise
I am  from this wretched life I must live
I am from the artwork and music that makes me delighted when I do it
I am from the golden gates of life
I am from God, Love, and Peace
I am from my care-free soul,
I am from my bffs that are always there for me,
I am from the soul that has broken,
I am from the animals that wonder,
I am from the bonds that aren't getting stronger,
I am from these scars and bruises,
I am from the worthless words that take place,
I am from worry of my love and desire 
I am from that little voice inside my head
I am from sickened mother that I have
I am from the happy memories forgotten
I am from those curse-words that are always being dropped
I am from the pain and unforgivable selfishness 
I am from bffs that are always my family 
I am from my non-existent life
I am from being bullied and ignored 
I am from the friends i lost 
I am from the heart aching pain 
I am from my new found siblings that i love 
I am from the broken trust never filled 
I am from pretending not to listen even when I know your talking about me
I am from this problem-filled world that we like to call home
I am from the exact time and place that matters most
I am from the people of this world that have bounded together by love hatred and caring about one-another 
That is were im from and that is were I will stay 
By: ivy mae shields 

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  • Cosmogyral

    Is it alright if I write a review for your most recent piece? It's alright if you don't want one, just respond on my most recent piece, but type, "re:" so that I know if you would ever respond

    5 months ago