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standing in solidarity with those angry

give // me

May 24, 2020



give me a sense of place -
a body:  a shelter
a place to retreat, rather than
retreat from.
give me a home that
fits like a glove,
doesn’t chafe, doesn’t
weigh like an albatross.
give me a sense of
self -
one that lasts.
give me what i want in a mirror,
let me unravel,
let others
unravel me.

mar me,
scar me,
but take what isn’t mine
and give me what is.
took out the italics since they were weird


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  • sunny.v

    ack, the reference to the albatross is just *the* detail for me. lovely.

    4 months ago
  • mia_:)

    This is great! I love the line about the albatross. Kinda random, but it fits! This whole flow is amazing and the last stanza left me breathless! WOW! :D

    5 months ago