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Diary of Gold Rush-2

April 7, 2015




Diary of Gold Rush -2

Saturday,March 31, 1849

The next morning I awoke and looked around confused. Why was I on the ground instead of my hammock? Then I remembered. I slept outside last night. After getting dressed and eating breakfast, we were on our way! WaGONs Ho!

I finished my letter today. here’s final decision.

Dear mom: I miss you so much!

We have been walking for 3 whole months!

We have food to eat and water to drink!

When I get back home, me and Kadyn will

buy you your dream house!


             Lot of Love


I really miss my mom. Whenever I think of her I try to think of lots of golden nuggets. In the meantime, I thought of some bad news to share with you. Kadyn got sick and dad said it’s probably Cholera. I believe him because he used to be a doctor. I asked “do you think you can cure him?” he replied, “yes but it will be difficult”. During the next few days, i learned that Chorera took the lives of many people when traveling in the gold rush. I hope Kadyn will get better. He might be annoying but he is my brother. Kadyn’s still sick and he can’t walk any farther. That’s why we stopped at 4:30, but I’m fine. I am tired and worried and couldn’t walk any farther either. But I just wish we were the first ones in California. Then we would be getting the most gold.


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