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Message to Readers

I just felt very activisty today and wanted everyone to feel it too. Trying out the cliche titles, see'in how it goes. Feedback is appreciated.

To Every Person Who Has A Dream... I Stand With You

May 18, 2020


We cannot afford to be passive.
Being complacent is not an option.
We have problems too big to leave
To the fates we trust our futures to.
We have been raised on a diet of freedom
Bred on a battleground of wills
And bleed our opinions.

We cannot stand idle.
We the youth, We the people
We the Future must rise to the
World's battle cry.
Excuses are unforgivable.
Issues plague our minds, and we 
Feel crushed under the weight of our
Ancestors' folly.

I call you, my fellows
Release your passion
Scream your will to the heavens
and listen to your own cries.
The changing of the tides
comes with us.

What are your beliefs?
Your passions, your dreams?
Follow them.
Take my hand and stand with iron will
so that the very earth bends to our might.
We can change the world
We will change the world.
 And it will be better
than before.
Everyone deserves a voice. Use this as a megaphone, even in your own mind. What do you care for? Science? Human Rights? Feminism? Religion? Freedom? Everything? Pursue it. Follow it. Bring the change you are meant to bring. I support you.


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  • Deleted User

    Thanks for the support! This poem, yeah, I like it, a lot. Check out my "Mission for Write the World."

    12 months ago
  • Fiadh

    Everyone deserves a voice but unfortunately there are those who will work hard to stamp it out. The weird thing about the world is that there are so may wonderful people and causes but each is subject to the greater powers of the world. I like this poem, there's a lot of determination.

    12 months ago