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a story once told in purple

May 19, 2020


lavender lover
you sit under the soft spotlight
in the middle of an empty stage
it would be an empty theater, but you and i are here
and we have filled these walls with so many stories
these walls have heard every confessional for decades
every whisper of devotion, and every cry of joy
you know it,
that feeling when you are so full of happiness that it catches in your throat, and if you do not scream you know you will burst.
scream. there is nobody around to hear you, not really
no one but the quiet streets, your friends, and the moon

lavender lover 
you are glowing from the inside out
you are warm and inviting and you live 
right here, only in this moment
a statue, a memorial of love that once lived in this home

lavender lover
you are flowers and cream and marble and velvet
like aphrodite, you have loved everyone who has walked through that door
so deeply and so much
and so many times before.



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  • sunny.v

    so so pretty! i love the words Lavender lover!!!

    6 months ago
  • mia_:)

    this is so beautiful!

    6 months ago