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Diary of Gold Rush-1

April 7, 2015



Diary of the Gold Rush-1

Friday March 30, 1849

Hi! My name is Katrina. I am waking in worn out shoes in the desert. Have you guessed where I’m going? If you guessed the California Gold Rush you are exactly right. I’m on my way to California in hope of striking it rich. Right now, (as I have said before,) I am walking in sandals along a desert with my dad and my very annoying 10 year old brother Kadyn. I mean bother. My mother didn’t come along because she had to take care of my baby sister Kailey. Just before we left home, my mother came up to me and gave me this journal that I am writing in right now. I am very hungry and thirsty but it’s only 5:00. I still got to go 5 hours. We have been walking for 3 months. My dad said it would take at least 6 months to get there if everything went well and no one got sick with cholera. I don’t know how i’m supposed to survive until then. I’m working on a letter to my mom. This is what i've got so far.


Dear mom: I miss you! We have

walking for three months already!

How’s Kailey? Hope to see you


Love  Katrina


That’s all I got! I bet you’re asking why I didn’t include that i’m so hungry and thirsty. Well, the truth is, I don’t want her to know i’m so miserable. After all, it was my idea to join the gold rush in first place. If anyone gets sick, it’s my fault. I even made Kadyn promise (after promising i’d do his chores and dishes for a whole week), that he won’t tell mom. Anyway, I can’t wait to get to California! I Can’t wait to get golden nuggets! Suddenly the wagon stopped.

I didn’t notice and kep walking. “Katrina! Get over here!” my dad bellowed. I turned around and started to say, why are we stoppi- i whipped around before I could finish my sentence. I gasp. I haven’t paid attention to how far we’ve been walking. The sun was already down! I hurried over and helped Kadyn get some water then have a dinner of lettuce and potatoes (not very filling!) After dinner, Kadyn announced that he was sleeping outside tonight. Dad looked surprised but agreed. I hesitated at first but then agreed at the thought of Kadyn calling me scaredy-cat all day tomorrow. Okay, so now I’m lying underneath shining stars listening to Kadyn snore. Finally, after counting 516 stars, I fell asleep.


For my whole class who are learning Gold Rush history!


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