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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
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The extended remix of my piece "love and art are cursed." It's about feeling unworthy. For fatpanda's #126 contest. Feedback welcome!

l&arc2.0 #126

May 18, 2020


last night/ i woke up surrounded by dead butterflies./ periwinkle/ and you kissed me/ under the lyrics of our favourite songs./ and last night/ i went to bed/ with the lingering taste of adrenaline in my mouth/ vomit/ at my fingertips./ this morning i am undone/ what a strange feeling/ i am on the couch/ body rammed between the cushions like a contortionist/ biting my tongue as you did/ painting your cheekbones with the sunlight that streams through and tucking/ my insecurities/ into your collar.

the ringing in my ears/ is just the universe telling me/ that i am ungrateful. i melt/ tissue paper on my tongue/ and make of it a vegas show./ perhaps/ this is all that we have ever been./ i tell you this as you are slipping past me/ coconut oil and kerosene and you/ play along./ coco chanel/ was a nazi supporter./ i pour perfumes down my throat/ in an attempt/ to be worth loving/ in the silence/ of the piano conservatory./ retching/ in the locker room/ sister playing kabalevsky/ and shostakovich to drown out the sound/ force-feeding me/ scallion pancakes/ and miso soup./ for now/ i am still tearing my eyelashes out/ one by one/ and telling myself/ it is mutiny.

i am an it girl/ this is to say/ pouty lips and stiletto straps cutting into my ankles/ a projection/ dreamgirl. this is to say/ i am here for you/ and you only/ honey/ my hair is wild/ a reflection of your mother’s lost hopes./ i am the mirror/ telling you/ it is not too late/ and i am the squirrel smushed/ by your dad’s subaru that we saw on our saturday bike ride./ fur tangled up/ underneath your fingernails and matted/ this blood being sucked/ off your index finger/ “oh that’s sad”/ and move on/ and you look at me in that same horror/ with which you regard/ the toddlers/ with sticky fingers pointing/ at the pockmarked moon/

van gogh/ ate yellow paint and shot/ himself in the head. mix honey with ginseng/ and moon peeking through almond blossoms. these days i have been/ losing my diamond earrings/ in the back of your throat/ and calling that/ a revelation. you laugh/ and it sounds like streetlights/ at 2am, which is to say/ hollow and useless/ because the moon is already bright enough./ i hate the sound./ i love/ you. my grandmother/ listens to monks on the tv/ and whispers prayers into her jewelry box./ she gives me dior for my 16th./ i/ don’t know how to say thank you.

the cello is knocked against/ fifth-grade portable railing/ and splinters. i cry/ when i smash the container of dumplings/ on the ground and curse/ myself in third person./ quickly/ lap up the shards/ the rest to be mixed/ into ginger teas/ at the apothecary. you/ are gently shaving my legs/ and leaving safety pins in my shampoo bottles./ bleach in mouthwash/ i get/ fresh air after homecoming/ watch closely/ you may miss:/ my ankle giving out by the curb/ and the oncoming taxi./ it was only/ kind of an accident.
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