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three weeks

May 18, 2020



three weeks since i 
  • set my hands to the keys
  • took a breath
  • poured the firing of my neurons onto any keyboard
it has been three weeks because i
  • have, instead of pouring, been shoving
  • everything into my head
  • in through the ears
  • behind the eyes and
  • up the nose
  • i even shoved it
  • down my throat
  • so when the time was write i could
  • spit it all back out
i have done the above in order to
  • prove myself worthy, i guess
now i am waiting for
  • a quantitative assessment of my worth
  • in two months
  • i am still not done
  • i am tired
  • and i want to be done
so i can
  • sleep for twelve hours
  • or lay out in the soft grass and not feel guilty
  • for taking time for myself. 
this is an experiment with bullet point poetry i guess? idk brain's fried, i took three AP exams last week back to back to back and have zero energy to write anything anymore. but i felt obligated to? idk gotta keep that content flowing


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  • OpalDove

    I really like "write"! I thought it was intentional and it's just really nice. Don't change it!! I love it!!

    8 months ago
  • crow_e

    i'm so brain dead i wrote "write" instead of "right" aaaaah not going back to fix it though

    8 months ago
  • sunny.v

    this is brilliant! “but i am tired and i want to be done“ dude. yeah. i also took 3 aps back to back last week and this line is just a great summary of the ap tester experience. now i have 2 back to back this week! fun! can’t wait for that quantitative measure of my worth in two months (as you wrote it perfectly)

    8 months ago
  • OpalDove

    i like this a lot

    8 months ago