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How do you get people to read your work?

May 18, 2020


Easy. Just unpublish it and publish it a bunch of times, so everybody gets to see it, and almost nothing else. Don't worry, the likes and comments save.
Or comment on random user's random work about your work, and tell them to read it. It can be a bit annoying when somebody comments on your work a comment that has nothing to do with you or your work, but hey, it's business.
Or insert some form of "PLEASE READ" in the title. Titles like this can be a bit annoying to see, but only to a point, and they do sometimes work. To be extra sure somebody will read it, make it seems like your life depends on it, or something.

Or, you could just publish your work as normal, and wait until somebody reads it. Nobody's harmed in the process, and the person who reads your piece will have a greater chance of enjoying it.
Only use the first three in desperate circumstances. Otherwise, use the last one.


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  • sunny.v

    replying: oh, i’m fine with personal questions. so definitely more embarrassing if i get none.

    about 1 year ago