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Realistic Fiction Is Not Always Very Realistic

May 18, 2020


    Who here has written and/or read a lot of realistic fiction? I know I have, except, not really, except, really, except...
    It's confusing, okay! Realistic fiction is realistic, right? Except a story where the main character faces a dangerous conflict and, against all odds, is successful or almost successful, isn't always very realistic. Wouldn't it have been more realistic if the main character messed up somewhere along the way and died? Of course, that's not a good example because... well... even if there's a low chance doesn't mean...
    Well there's bound to be a better example, like...
    Am I making any sense whatsoever? Somebody help. Comment if you agree that realistic fiction isn't always very realistic, and also if you can find a better example than mine. Oh, and say whether you enjoy reading/writing realistic fiction.


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  • May 18, 2020 - 11:46am (Now Viewing)

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  • journal.scribbles

    I used to vehemently hate realistic fiction, but now I read and write it pretty often. I'm not sure what changed. What you're saying actually makes a lot of sense and I hadn't thought about it before now but I totally agree. That's thought provoking: would there be a story at all if realistic fiction was actually realistic? I think unrealistic things happen in reality, so a completely monotonous plot would actually not be that realistic. I mean, look at the times we are living in now. If someone had told you last year that there would be a worldwide pandemic and everybody would be in quarantine, would you have said that that's realistic? I guess what I'm saying is that the unpredictability of life is somewhat predictable in stories.

    8 months ago