Nomi Noo

United Kingdom

Message to Readers

I’ve added another stanza, because after I published it I ended up with more ideas, I hope it’s good!

Reading late

May 18, 2020


She reads lots of books, barely sleeping from the amount,
so she gets more and more tired,
eventually she realises she has to read in the day,
but daytime is for learning, writing and eating
but she obliges,
for a few days,
but then goes back to reading through the night,
it's not like she has nightmares,
or observes much wrong in her life apart from her eczema,
why isn't she sleeping?

She has no idea why she reads late into the night,
observing the 12 o'clock mark,
sometimes the 1,
or even the 2,
but all are late for her usual 9-10 o'clock,
but  she  just  won't  sleep  properly

She’s ran out of books,
She doesn’t know if it’s a good or bad thing,
No ebooks either,
(she only buys them if they’re free,
what’s the point of buying an ebook if you can get a paperback?),
it could be good,
now she might sleep,
but now she will just have to reread the ones she has

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  • Nomi Noo

    Thanks van gogh’s girl

    7 months ago
  • van gogh's girl

    This is such a mood for all the bookworms of the world! Great job!

    7 months ago