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May 19, 2020


Dust filled clouds are gathering above the city, as if the heavens are preparing to weep on last time for this lost land. This graveyard. This land of the dead. The houses are shells, coated in ash, broken windows stare out across a decaying, broken world. The people too are empty. The last stragglers of humanity walk like zombies down the forgotten streets. The paving stones are long gone and the streetlamps stand at strange angles like broken toy soldiers. A burnt out car stands sentry, bonnet and roof ripped apart by some colossal hellish force. The metal work is slick with blood and desperation. Corpses line the streets like landmarks. The walking dead that are the living stumble past skulls and blood bleached bones. This is a skeleton city. Crumbling into oblivion. Derelict, barren and abandoned by all but death. Soon it will be buried forever beneath the descending sky.


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