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I decided to learn a bit more about where I was born, and this is what I found out! Is there anything new you discovered? Let me know if there was anything in this piece that interested you. What else would you like to know about Sri Lanka? Any feedback is welcome!

Teardrop Of India

May 18, 2020



Sri Lanka appears as a teardrop-shaped gem off the southern tip of India, thus receiving the nickname "Teardrop of India." The country was formerly known as Ceylon after the British Colony of Ceylon gained independence in 1948. However, in 1972, the country became a republic within the Commonwealth. Therefore, its name was changed to Sri Lanka. If you aren't aware, Sri Lanka is not part of India as many believe. The country is split into provinces; the Southern and Western provinces are the most popular areas to visit. The Western Province is where the main airport, Colombo, is located. Colombo is located just north of the most pristine beaches you will ever see. 

Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike, became the world's first non-hereditary female head of government in modern history, when she became Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in 1960. She was born on 17 April 1916 in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka and died on 10 October 2000 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

From 23 July 1983 till 18 May 2009, Sri Lanka was troubled by a civil war between the majority Sinhalese population and the minority Tamil population.  This had a severe effect on Sri Lanka's tourism industry, resulting in numerous warnings being issued for travelers. Eventually, in May 2009, the conflict ended, which brought peace to the country and to its people. 

This country of paradise is definitely a place that you should add to your bucket list! 

Ayubowan - A greeting used in Sri Lanka.  The phrase can be used at any time of the day.  


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  • Bhavya's Treasure

    Oh wow! It sounds so nice... Teardrop of India.
    Yeah, I remember studying about the conflict between Sinhalese and Tamil in Sri Lanka in 10th Grade Political Science.
    Well, I don't know much about the lady prime minister but I definitely know Malinga. XD He is very famous in India!
    I wish to visit my neighbour at least once. I want to visit the Lanka there and see that stone bridge on the sea which was created during Ramayana period.
    Thans for sharing this.

    2 months ago
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    Replying: Because of our climate. If you want to bask we got Jaffna, if you want the cold climate Nuwara Eliya. And we have everything in between. Beaches to mountains to exotic vegetation.

    6 months ago
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    It's also called as 'The pearl of the Indian ocean' and 'The paradise on Earth.' @Cherryn can you guess why SL is called as a paradise?

    6 months ago
  • Sol noctis

    Sri Lanka is beautiful....And it was very thoughtful of you to write this piece. (Dambulla cave temple is a must see!)

    6 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    First of all thanks for teaching a new word! I had no idea Sri Lanka is called 'Teardrop of India' I'd love to visit the beautiful country, especially due to temples and mountains.

    6 months ago