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"You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down" -Toni Morrison
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Moving Towards a Current

May 18, 2020


The tip of the iceberg
Stopped entirely short of me
I seemed to have let it go
Diving into the frigid water

I froze
And arrived sunken like
Two gray stones
Around England
Everyone called and called

But I wasn't there 
Instead I remained inside
Passionately warm
As I was drunk 
Drunk as a pink-nosed butcher

Carving open an old, helpless sow
Waiting for anyone to interrupt
Sitting numb as a housewife
My head a spinning wheel
My body a train

Faster and faster I go
Pushing through whatever you'd call this current
No longer am I left of the Atlantic
No, no 
Somewhere on a weathered cove, maybe?

Oh Father
I am alone
Come out, come out
There is not a soul in sight
Only the light of a sunken gray stone


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