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Hello! I'm Sam, a young teen writer. I am a complete bookworm and aspiring wordsmith of all sorts. Criticism is always welcome!

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As always, criticism is warmly welcomed. Happy quarantine. :)

The Future

May 17, 2020


A moment without the pull of the dream - unimaginable
A day without the push of the mission - impossible
Forever it has been
And Forever it shall be
The light at the end of the tunnel.

Every honorable quality I admire in those above me is held in the pin
The great Globe and Anchor
The one I will one day wear on my own collar
And one I will Forever hold with Pride.

Following the trail of those before me
Making my own set of footsteps in the dirt
Watching the sun rise on a new day
One day closer to the future.
One day closer to my dream.


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