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My First Competition! #LBC12

May 24, 2020


Hello Lovlies! 
Yes you guessed it I am hosting my own competition!  Yay... Woohoo *queue happy laughter and cheers!*
I am super excited as I have never hosted a competition of my very own before, (hence the title my first competition). 
I also know there are a lot of competitions going on at the moment so I may not get many entries but I would really love to see peoples work no matter how many entries I get. 
You are all such amazing writers and I hope to see many entries that I can read while drinking hot cocoa and chilling :)

So without further ado here are the prompts...

Prompt 1: Anne of Green Gables style!
This can be anything super imaginative and I really can't wait to read what you guys come up with. If you haven't read the book/s,  it may be a little challenging  but try and think really descriptive and scenes that really wow the reader.  Channel your old fashioned style writing! 

Word limit: 3000 words. But if you need to go over a bit it's all good.

Prompt 2: Detective/Mystery story.
Come up with some wonderful twists. I really enjoy reading  mysteries and so I really want to see some creative ideas and well thought out plots!

Word Limit: 2000 words. 

Prompt 3: Poem or short story about one of these following things:
~The moon
~An Enchanted forest

I really want to see some lovely descriptions! As written above this piece can be in the form of a poem or short story. 

Word limit: 200 words. But again its totally fine if you need to go over a bit.

Prompt 4: Flash Fiction
This piece can be about anything you like. Make it interesting. Flash before the readers eyes.  Please keep it short and stick to the word limit. I would prefer that the word limit is kept in mind because it is a flash fiction, on some of the others I don't mind if you go over.

Word limit: 70 words

Prompt 5: Haiku about nature!
Explore the secrets of nature by writing a beautiful haiku. Something that captures the moment beautifully. Remember to make It short and sweet.

No word limit, just stick to the syllables. :) 

Prompt 6: Write a poem in which you use the word mirror 3 times and the word flora twice.
You can do anything with this poem as long as you follow the guidelines of using the word mirror 3 times and the word flora twice. Be creative!

Word Limit: 250 words.


Entries close on the 31st of May. The Deadline is the 12th of June and results come out 15th of June.  

To enter:
~ Like this piece so that I can see if you are interested.
~ Write and publish your piece using the hashtag #LBC12
~ Paste the link as a comment below. 
~ Minimal swearing
~ Please keep everything PG-13 
~ You may enter more than one prompt but you can only enter one piece per prompt.
~ There will be 1st - 3rd place for each prompt. 
~ Deadline is 12th of June 
~ Results are out 15th of June 

1st place: A follow, 4 reviews- your choice, 7 comments- my choice  and 10 likes- my choice  
2nd place: A follow, 3 reviews- your choice , 5 comments- my choice  and 7 likes- my choice  
3rd place: A follow, 1 review-your choice, 3 comments- my choice  and 5 likes- my choice 

*Please comment what you would like reviewed below*

And also for those who commented on my Read if you want reviews!!!! page, your reviews are coming it is just taking me a little while. Sorry. :(

There is definitely no pressure to enter and just remember to HAVE FUN! 



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  • OpalDove

    Here i am again! Prompt #5! I love haikus so i couldn't help but enter in this prompt! I think it's nature-related enough. Hope you like it, i'm quite proud of it to be honest.. *blushes*

    about 15 hours ago
  • OpalDove

    Hi! I made a poem for your comp :) will probably enter a second one in a bit. this is prompt three btw

    about 15 hours ago
  • mia_:)

    Can I submit an old poem? I have one that fits the prompt perfectly!

    about 22 hours ago
  • Daisy + Sage

    This is for prompt 5 - I hope it fits the prompt requirements!

    1 day ago
  • Fabiana250

    Hello there! This is for prompt 4, hope you like it :)

    1 day ago
  • MarvelousMarshmallow

    Reply: Ah no must have copied the wrong link my bad this one should wor
    Prompt 3-Rain:

    2 days ago
  • AutumnRain

    I loooove Anne of Green Gables, I've read most of the books and watched the Netflix show! What's the format for Prompt 1? Poetry/short story etc?

    2 days ago
  • MarvelousMarshmallow

    Would thunderstorms count for rain?

    2 days ago
  • anoushka1705

    This is for Prompt 3:

    2 days ago
  • BizzleWrites

    I wrote one for prompt 3, it is my latest poem.

    3 days ago
  • Stone of Jade

    Prompt 3:

    I was gonna try a flash fiction but I have no idea how to write one in only 70 words haha

    3 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Are we allowed to enter pieces we've already entered in a user-hosted comp? Totally fine if not.

    3 days ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    Prompt 4:
    A short horror piece, 69 words (nice!)

    3 days ago
  • Ollie Octopus

    for prompt 3:

    thank you for hosting this contest!

    3 days ago
  • CrazyNinjaKid

    Prompt 2:

    4 days ago
  • Ash1721

    Prompt 3- Rain

    Prompt 5

    4 days ago
  • amazing grace

    for prompt 1 did you want romance or does it matter?

    4 days ago
  • 2am Ghost

    It’s probably really early to actually be submitting a piece, but I had this story lying around for a while in my google docs and always thought it would work well with a flash-fiction type of thing. So yeah. :D (For prompt 4)

    4 days ago
  • mia_:)

    Wait, so the pieces are due May 31? Or July 12? Sorry, I was a bit confused :)

    4 days ago
  • batman_is_a_cracker

    Howdy. Here's my entry for prompt 3, rain. I've got to warn you, it's terrible.
    come quick, the sky is falling:

    4 days ago
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    The coolest prompts up to date. I love it!

    4 days ago