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May 20, 2020

PROMPT: Open Prompt

So sweet the sound of earth’s chaotic tune
All quake from thunder’s petrifying boom
This power flourish can make millions swoon
Respect this might or meet your certain doom 

So awing the art that lights up the dark
A canvas of ink stained by jagged streaks
Speckles of liquid truly add a spark
We’re lucky to see a piece as unique

But nothing shall stop a force with no bounds
With bolts that can strike a whole nation down
And fluid bullets that could veil the ground
One must be cautious or they’ll surely drown

Fear’s like a drug alluring but harmful
That’s why these storms will always be marveled 
This was just a small assignment I had for my English class. We had to make a sonnet, a form of poetry frequently used by Shakespeare. It's kinda hard to do because of all the requirements. Your poem needs to be:
  • 14 lines
  • Ten syllables for each line
  • Follow the pattern of 'soft/loud' for each pair of syllables.
  • Have an 'abab cdcd efef gg' rhyme scheme
  • And a volta in the third stanza


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