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How to Get People to Give Feedback on Your Pieces

May 17, 2020


I remember when I first made an account on Write the World. I wrote and published my first piece, in response to the "Solidarity" prompt. Naturally, I was pretty excited at first, but a little later, dissappointed, when the piece seemed to go unnoticed. Nobody gave feedback on it, or even liked it. I had no evidence that anybody even read it. If you're in a position like this, don't be too dissappointed, at least not in the Write the World website, because you can get people to give you feedback.

Here are some ways to get people to give feedback on your pieces:
  1. Publish pieces that look short and easy to read. That doesn't mean you can't publish longer pieces, and still get feedback on them.
  2. Make clickbaity titles for your pieces. One way to do this is to make the title express your opinion about a contraversial topic, or at least mention a contraversial topic. That doesn't mean all of your titles have to be clickbaity in order to get feedback on your piece.
  3. Build up a group of people who like to read and review your pieces, or build up a community of people who like to read and review each others pieces. Takes time, but works.
  4. Enter a competition. In most competitions, you are guarantied feedback on the piece you enter, and the prizes often include getting feedback.
  5. Do a method mentioned in the comments that I didn't include above.
I hoped that helped. Comment any method I forgot to include.


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