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I only write poetry at 1am
it seems

also i never normally rhyme, for the sake of principle (just dont ask me what that principle is), so not sure how i feel about this.

not my usual style.

the monotonous task of ignoring death

May 17, 2020

PROMPT: Flashlight

the only problem is the prime ministers catchphrase
a big decision- to sit in the sun or in the shade
our lives are locked by our mindsets
as firmly as by our four walls
and why watch the news
its always the same, after all

we scroll through netflix 
and feed our boredom with video calls and memes
about face masks and zoom
never about the dying or the dead
only about quarantine or unspecified dread
and when we call our friends we talk
not of next week or now
only of 'after all this' and how
we will go camping or to the city
always assuming we will live that long
always assuming we will still belong

when we sleep at night we don't thank god for our breath
or realize how easily we could be in a coffin not a bed
we only think of the walks and video calls 
the homework and games
always assuming things will always be the same
that the human race will live another day.


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  • The Midnight One

    Wow... that really sums up the current situation... Wonderful piece and really got me thinking.

    7 months ago
  • joella

    wow! your title perfectly captures the polarity of this time. great work :)

    7 months ago
  • ElsaRee


    7 months ago
  • van gogh's girl

    Oh God oh God oh goddddd this hit me like a truck

    7 months ago
  • sunny.v

    “ and when we call our friends we talk / not of next week or now / only of 'after all this” this is so so so relatable. you wrote out the quarantine experience and the glumness of it perfectly. nice job!!

    7 months ago