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everybody is talented, whether they know it or not.
I believe everybody has their flaws but are still beautiful despite the scars they may carry from before. You are all amazing! and if anybody tells you otherwise I hope you don't believe them

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To be honest, I never knew I liked poetry. Nor did ever see myself join WtW. I'm glad that I did though. Growing up, I never did show my work to anybody, only my cousin and well, this is something new :)

Fire (wildfires)

May 16, 2020


and blazing,
flame from her wings,

the blinding light
rose taller,
over the screams,

consuming the forest,
devouring the homes,
she roared 
and she raged
destroying the souls

her fiery red eyes,
they turned things to ash,
a burst of her beauty
caused many to thrash

the flames,
they rose higher,
the element gained power,
she grew and then melted
every soul she encountered.

I don't know what this is. I really don't


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