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I get a bit salty here XD
Also I wrote this in prose form, but I still included rhymes...not sure how that turned out.

Isn't this what you asked for?

June 9, 2020


So is this what you wanted, oh weary tired World?
Is this what you asked for, little boys and girls?

Your desire for different struck me deep in the core. I couldn't ignore. I couldn't leave you helpless, restless, because I am here for you.
Here to make your wishes come true.
The aroma of want wafted to my nose. I could sense it. You wanted something new, not in strict lines of prose. You longed for boundaries broken, lines curved, rocks hurled at windows, nothing left  unspoken.
You threw tantrums when upset and already you were on the right path. For where in olden days people used words, instead today violent riots are how you get heard.You wanted everything to be set loose, set free, so enter...

I guided you to freedom, to all hell broken loose.
Perhaps that is not true "freedom", but to all who disagreed, you hung by the noose.
I observed, I waited, I sent my minions forth, to show you the way, the way to breaking free of control.
Because that's what you wanted, isn't it, World?
Polite turned to rude, modest into crude, laws into lenience, form into flamboyance. 
You loved it. You loved me. 
Love, love, LOVE!
You threw the word around like a beach ball until all true meaning wore off. 
Yes, this is freedom, I assure you dear World. 
This is what you so longed for, no rules, no control.
Who cares for tradition, for the ways of the past? Let's love, let's accept, let's go off with a blast!
What else could we change? What else could we bend?
There's no need in stopping, no need for an end. I will be here for you World, I will make your wishes come true. Follow me, follow your heart, follow whomever you choose! 
Because "choices have consequences"? Who told you that lie? You can trust me, dear World. I've done so much already by your side. I've freed you, right? You love me, right? 
The fun never stops! Let's promote chaos, instead of order! Let's confuse everyone! Let's...legalize murder, what else can be done! 
Now you gawk at what I say, but one day, you'll see the way. Keep following me, World, keep looking at yourself, never at others. Keep feeling and fantasizing, because that's what makes you happy!
Oh, don't pay attention to those shackles on your feet. Just keep running, keep chasing, fleeting dreams! 
This life is all about you, about making dreams come true. About forgetting the rules and losing control. This is freedom, is it not? This is what you so desired.

Is this what you wanted dear World
dead World?
Isn't this what you asked for?

obviously this narrator is not one to be trusted
I once read a quote that said something like "Freedom means self-control. From discipline comes freedom." So...that's what this is about. 

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  • Quarkoala

    Yeah, if freedom means no rules, then it can never be achieved for everybody, because without fixed rules, naturally, rules will form, not necessarily ethical, but with real consequences (also not necassarily ethical).

    6 months ago
  • ElsaRee

    gorgeous! This is so beautiful and powerful!

    6 months ago
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    This is beautiful. the tone you took and the underlying theme.

    6 months ago
  • Cheshire Cat

    #poemsonly is now open

    6 months ago
  • Emi

    This is so powerful! I love how you take a different stance and go against the grain with this satire. There is so much wisdom are so right, discipline does mean freedom.

    7 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    This whole piece is so powerful, especially the lines "You threw the word around like a beach ball until all true meaning wore off. ''

    7 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Replying: Thank you for your comments, as always! You're literally THE most supportive person ever.

    7 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    I have published the next five parts to Cedric + Hermione, so check them out if you have time! Also, if you need anything to be reviewed (and I mean ANYTHING), just tell me and I will be sure to do it for you! ;)

    7 months ago
  • sunny.v

    wow! i really want to just scream all this out, seems like a piece to be performed. the quote in your interesting. nice work!

    7 months ago