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honestly just wanted to write a coherent nonfiction piece that avenged my shitty apush dbq and this is what my roulette wheel of a brain picked.

if anyone has writing that hasn't had a lot of traffic and they want advice on, feel free to share in the comments and i'll check it out! :)

advice no one asked for

May 16, 2020


i know there has been lots of talk recently about tips and thoughts on wtw and what happens here. and, seeing that i've been on this site for nearly two years and am a regular contributor, i figured i'd add my two cents.

(to be fair, this started as a way to de-stress over exams)

to start off, this is both an advice piece for newer writers as well as a personal reflection for myself. my time on wtw has certainly shaped my writing for the better, and i've made many friends along the way. for that, i'm very grateful.

but at the same time, i've felt that i should begin moving on to larger writing platforms. i absolutely still plan on contributing here, because i love the community and saying goodbye might be too hard right now. but i prefer not to share my prose on wtw (more on that later) and i plan on lining up poetry to submit to literary magazines.

so with that out of the way, here's some advice, from things i've picked up over the years:

- write whatever the heck you want (within wtw guidelines of course): a phrase that almost reminds me of the "kilroy was here" signs at this point perfectly sums this point up: write free. beyond the rules on content that wtw gives you, there is no criteria for what you should write. prose? write it. poetry? write it. songs? essays? you get the picture. there is no law on this website saying that the only medium allowed is, say, poetry.

        -note: poetry is very popular on wtw. from what i've observed, it's not because poetry is the superior or trendy form of written expression. it's just easy to read. the interface of wtw honestly lends itself to poetry. many readers are discouraged when they see a very long piece of prose (or even a short piece that looks long), because we don't always have time to sit down and read an entire piece. this doesn't make prose bad, and if you want to post it, by all means, do it. but a word to the wise, it might not get as much attention as poetry, and frankly, that has nothing to do with skill and more to do with length. i'll freely admit that there are many pieces of beautiful prose on this site that i haven't read or haven't finished because i'm lazy or i don't have time. if you'd rather share serious prose and are starved for reads, i'd suggest starting a blog or sharing your writing on wattpad, ao3, or the prose. 

- don't criticize another writer's choice of medium: this is not the same as (kindly) criticizing a writer's style or diction. that is reviewing. criticizing a medium is when someone intentionally goes after a style of writing (i.e. lowercase prose, poetry, first-person perspective, etc.) and claims that it's boring, uninspired, god forbid stupid....the list goes on. if a writer likes writing in that medium, feels comfortable with it, and is willing to share it with the world, then just let them vibe. when i review a work, i might tell someone how to fix a turn of phrase, but i don't tell them to write a poem when it's obviously meant to be prose. i don't tell them to capitalize everything if it's clearly meant to be lowercase. you don't have to use the style yourself; just respect preferences.

- give detailed reviews: this one has probably been repeated by many other writers, but it's very, very important. reviews hold a lot of weight on wtw, and if you're going to sit down to review a work, put more than five minutes of effort into it. find things to criticize, find things to praise. highlight phrases and leave comments. if the piece could only warrant a vague review, just leave a comment instead. this also goes for lots of praise: if you don't see a reason to give constructive feedback for a piece, just drop a nice comment instead. it's almost always welcome and always a nice confidence boost.

- support each other: i've met some absolutely wonderful people on this site. find your people on wtw, grow together. my writing style today wouldn't be what it is without the advice, support, and collaboration with other writers on this site. get involved, enter user contests, make friends. most of us don't bite!

- avoid misinformation: whether it's an essay or a personal piece, lying has hurt people on wtw before, and i sincerely hope it doesn't again. stories become harmful when they try to pass off fiction as fact. causing drama on the site for the sake of popularity will come back to haunt you. i've seen it before.

and finally, looking out for the lowercase prose kids: if you haven't figured it out yet, adding a space before the first letter of the first word in your piece will cancel out the large bold letter that wtw formatting adds automatically. that way it won't mess with the vibe as much. (i got this tip from Dmoral13, a very lovely writer who i suggest you all say hello to!)

and now, a little note on why i do what i do.
my account is predominantly lowercase poetry/oddly formatted lowercase prose. (if you really want to embarrass me, there's probably some old prose pieces from years ago that i haven't taken down yet). i don't share my prose for a few different reasons:
a) i typically work on novels/novellas, and rarely finish them.
b) i am much more self-conscious about my prose than i am about my poetry and usually choose not to share it on the internet
c) most of my prose contains content that would violate wtw guidelines.

and in addition to that, my poetry is an expression of actual feeling. when something happens to me that i don't like, i write poetry about it, and then i share. this is not to gain likes, or put on an angst-lord persona. it is therapeutic for me to share my negative experiences in a positive way. if i can make a situation more beautiful than it is, i have accomplished something. my style has certainly changed over the past year, and it has nothing to do with trends. rather, my brain chemistry took a turn for the worse and the new content of my writing demanded a change. yes, my poetry is angry, yes, it is sad. i'm not forcing anyone to read it, i'm not sharing it to get a serotonin trip. i'm sharing it because vent poetry makes me feel better about myself when not a lot does.

remember kiddos (and not kiddos), write the world is a place where everyone can contribute. what you contribute is entirely up to you.

and now, because i made myself a lil' sad just now, enjoy a few out of context bloopers i found in one of my compiled writing documents (because not every metaphor is a good one):

romeo, oh romeo,
i didn’t know that romeo worked at the shooting range

but I still can’t find my fucking earbuds

my poor unknowing crushes have ruined billie eilish for me

just you and i, slapping mosquitoes and foursquare balls like amazons on the hunt.
i actually censored my language (for the most part) and i'm very proud of myself for that.


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  • Dmoral

    so this might but weird but i've always wanted to tell you (just go the courage to--but also just remembered) that in your bio the line "my goal is to become a cryptic elderly soapmaker." i freakin' and sometimes after reading your pieces i look back at it and just imagine what it's like and it FEELs soothing and if all else fails (aka my dreams), can i be that too with you? and just as a line of writing itself i love it so yeah, there's that. :)
    *awkwardly waves*

    about 1 year ago
  • sunny.v

    replying: it’s funny that you mention my comments because wtw @dm!ns seem to have been deleting them as of late. they’re weeding out the dirty rotten communists i guess <3 pshh my comments aren’t *that* memorable,,,and awww little old me making your day literally makes *my* day!! seriously, there won’t be a day where i’m not in awe of what you do. and don’t worry: my family’s doing alright, i’m sure my dad will be safe! i hope your dad stays safe as well! and what a morbid/odd coincidence that we both have doctor fathers and breast cancer survivor mothers. hm. well, stay safe, love!! <3

    about 1 year ago
  • sunny.v

    this is so helpful to a new wtw-er! but i’m sad to hear that you’ll leave soon just as i’ve come :( i’d also like to know where to find your writing elsewhere (if you’re comfy with that) :D! thank you for the warm welcome by the way, it means a lot!! that said, apush dbq’s SUCK. i took the exam last year in 8th grade and my blood pressure nearly shot through the roof. good luck!!

    about 1 year ago
  • joella

    I never knew that bold-letter space thing. this whole piece was really helpful so thank you :) also, lmk where I can find your prose (if you do publish it elsewhere); I'd love to read it!

    about 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    oh my goodness, thanks for the love!!! also, gotta love that tips/hints piece i wrote, lol XD. anyway, way to get your voice in there during this time!! and look at you censoring *claps* sometimes it's hard, we get that ;)

    best wishes! :) <3

    about 1 year ago
  • N.

    glad i could be helpful!
    @r|A|i|N it's not at all meant to be a response to your piece, i just noticed that there have been some people who've been going after lowercase prose and poetry. since it's pretty much all i share on wtw and what a lot of other writers share, i just wanted to say a little something in defense of it. i'm glad you liked the piece! :)

    about 1 year ago
  • Deleted User

    Thank you for writing this! Now I know a bit more about how to review. Thank you!

    about 1 year ago
  • poetri

    This is so welcoming and lovely and uncontroversial while still touching on everything that there's been stuff (for lack of a better word...it's not drama but it's not totally not-drama either...it's stuff) about lately! Literally so much respect for you.

    about 1 year ago
  • r|A|i|N

    hey! i loved the piece. i feel like some of these tips might have been in response to my piece? i hope i didn't come across as criticizing other people's mediums - i see now that a lot of people took my advice the wrong way and were hurt by it, and i hope you know how much i admire the pieces that you write. i'm not trying to attack lowercase prose obviously, i'm trying to make some room for newer writers or people who write different kinds of work. anyway, forgive me if i'm off on a limb here, and thank you so much for making this piece!

    about 1 year ago
  • celestialbard

    This is so lovely!

    about 1 year ago
  • N.

    i’m glad this piece was helpful to you all! and yes, the bold letter tip has saved a ton of my pieces :)
    And @weirdo don’t worry, those earbuds are long gone now and have been succeeded by at least four other pairs ;)

    about 1 year ago
  • happy butterfly

    Thanks so much,the tip about putting a space to avoid the bold letter is soooo useful!

    about 1 year ago
  • Anne Blackwood (summer camp hiatus)

    This is super practical, thanks!
    Also, you literally made me snort with laughter in
    "my poor unknowing crushes have ruined billie eilish for me"

    about 1 year ago
  • sunny.v

    the validation for lowercase kids *chef’s kiss* we love to read it. thanks for your thoughts!!

    about 1 year ago
  • CDWillson

    you systematically explained a lot of things i wanted to say in ways i could never had said them. well done!

    about 1 year ago
  • outoftheblue

    Omg thank you for that last tip! This whole piece is really helpful!

    about 1 year ago
  • jaii

    yes! thank you! i agree with everything here! you’re a queen mwah
    i also feel like people know me as that one lowercase poetry kid but whoops i have two big novels that i’m working on and will never share a bit of here (well i shared a bit of one but that was a sucky first draft and i obviously took it down)
    sorry about your earbuds :(

    about 1 year ago