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My first poem here on WTW! I'd really appreciate feedback, no matter how small. Whether it's what you liked about it or what you hated. But if you're in a rush, that's okay

isn't she Darling

May 15, 2020


i was born a ghost/
            silvery blue skin mixing feverishly/
                                 with the red of my mother’s womb
only child, only one, all the rest were only blood.
                        (no blue skin, no white skin, no brown skin. just blood.)
    so there i was, raised a wolf among sheep.
    a tearing sort of child, the type to enter
    a conversation with devastation. to seize
    the throne of any room for myself and only
    my blue blood self. 
my mother would explain
            Darling, Life Isn’t The Emily Jane Show.
but isn’t it?
                                Oh Mother havent you seen me
my sparkling, crackling, sharp teeth and long fretful nails
    (my skin, so fine and alive, unlike the rest of our kin.)
                she never made me go to bed, my fine bed, my soft bed
against all she claimed and said.
                it wasn’t like i was there anyway/
                i was just a girl/
                and my parent’s friends were all so
                tall and adult and handsome.
    i was simply the moon, distant and onlooking but nothing too real.
    like gold or sparkles or any other meaningful thing.
oh They would all say
    isn’t she Darling/
    isn’t she beautiful/
    oh she has a classic
    beauty/ wouldn’t
    you like a sip of
            Champange, Darling?
    of course. it courses through my veins--
                    (perhaps if it had in my siblings too, i wouldnt be a living ghost).
a bit of reality splashed with a bit of a (nightmare)

​perhaps the best way of introducing myself

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  • Anha

    may 2020 wtw highlights are live, and you're in them!

    6 months ago
  • jaii

    really lovin the eery vibe of the piece. feels like a porcelain doll with a heartbeat and sickening smile.

    7 months ago
  • ek503

    This is a beautiful piece!

    7 months ago
  • PouringOutTheSun

    oh this is lovely !! especially those first three lines ! and the formatting? wonderful! about that collab, it sounds interesting ! do u have an instagram/discord we can talk to each other more easily on?

    7 months ago
  • A Rose

    Wow. A new and inspiring write on WTW. Thanks for the follow, man

    7 months ago