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blue is not the eternal question, nor its answer

May 31, 2020


we are all reaching into the blue and there is nothing there.
we know this, and still we stretch and strain.
grasping at thin air for love and purpose and the one answer to everything

now there are hands reaching from every corner of the void
colorless but filled with life and energy and i cannot understand how we view light as white when it is anything but
it is every color we see and every color we do not,
but i digress.
hands roaming, searching for the one shard of blue to fill their souls
we are grains of sand in this universe, no two the same
and no shade of blue fills two souls
the occasional violet

we are all reaching into the void for something to make us complete
tendons near ready to snap
what you do not understand, you who lie awake at night wondering Why, 
is that you are already complete.

every second you spend searching and roaming and exploring the blue
is a second lost exploring who you are.
a color, a refraction of light (and here i've found my point), unique to you and only you
and that color is not a shade of blue.
i write too much about colors


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  • mia_:)

    Colors are a great topic for writing, I have to agree!

    8 months ago