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I don't how how I gained 43 more followers since I published the q&a piece, but thank you all so much! enjoy :)

I was on a caffeine kick when I wrote this. still am. my hands are literally vibrating.

q&a answers and all that jazz! #askthewriter

May 15, 2020


hey! thank you to everyone who submitted questions. this piece is incredibly long because I tried really hard to include as many of your questions as I could! (some weren't included because I addressed them in my piece Me in Three. if you have the patience to read through all of this, feel free to check that out too.) I hope you all get to know me a little better through this piece. if you see anything you like, agree with, have in common with me- comment down below!

Embarrassing memory: I had a great story to put here, but I wrote it and it ended up being three paragraphs and this piece is long enough (I’m definitely not good at condensing stories). 
One thing you hate about yourself? I'm a chronic procrastinator and will put things off until the literal last second (which gets me in trouble a lot, tbh.)
What is your guilty pleasure? food?
Any weird food combination that is good enough to try? I wouldn't call it weird, but I love cream cheese and jelly on a waffle (seriously, if you’ve never tried this, please do. it’ll change your life.)
What has been your best moment this year (so far)? co-starring in my high school's production. I had so much fun! (no, I'm not a theater kid. this might strike you as strange but I go to a private, all-girls high school and the play is actually mandatory; everybody has to try out for everything. most people like it, some hate it).
What’s your biggest fear? I think my biggest fear is being hated. not just disliked, but being genuinely hated by someone else.
If you got one superpower what would it be? to grant other people's wishes (more of a fairy thing than a superpower, but I'm giving myself artistic licence).

funniest thing that has happened to you in quarantine I went on a walk at midnight because I needed to get out of the house. I was in my pajamas, half asleep,  and walked straight into a really tall kid skateboarding (I have no idea who he was. never saw him on my street before). we kinda stared at each other for two minutes and then he just waved and kept going…
any other hobbies? piano, doodling, singing, dancing, acting, biking, skiing...the list goes on (not claiming to be especially talented in any of these areas, though!)
is your writing life public or private (do people know that you like writing?) both. a lot of people know I write, but very few people have actually read my writing since I was in third grade and was convinced that I’d write and publish a novel on my typewriter (I asked for one for my ninth birthday. I used it so often that it’s broken now :(

What do you want more than anything? I want to be happy :) I’ve been going through a hard time recently, and my mental and emotional state has had many ups and downs (if you can’t tell by my writing. lol.) 

Your greatest strength? I would say my ability to be open-minded and see past stereotypes. I hate when other people aren’t, so it’s something I’m really diligent about.
Greatest weakness? I have many. MANY. can't say which one is my greatest. probably my tendency to see situations in terms of black and white.

Where do you see yourself in five years? older. hopefully more fit. I’m not one of those people that plans their future down to the minute detail; I have goals, but life happens and I’m not expecting everything to go my way. I don't want to be disappointed, you know?
Can you make any cool anagrams with your user or actual name? not really. humanities town? let me know in the comments if you have a better one!
If you had a warning label, what would it say? caution: may occasionally unload on you at midnight without warning.
Currently binge-ing any shows/movie series? the vampire diaries; it's great. go watch it! (it also makes me super anxious  and I always watch like five episodes in a row, but still. go watch it.)
What is your favorite family holiday tradition? I’m jewish, and we celebrate sukkot (you might know it as the feast of tabernacles). our annual family project is to decorate our sukkah really elaborately, which is always fun. (as an aside, the google maps truck always comes around at this time of year and the guy in the truck always looks confused by what seems to be a random hut in our driveway.)
And of course, what are some fellow WTWers who you admire? I could take up lines and lines with this answer because honestly, I admire everyone! every writer on here is so amazing and creative, but a few I especially love (besides you!) are poetri, AutumnRain, and chrysanthemums&ink. their work is always amazing and inspires me to become a better writer. I also admire Mia_:); not just for her wonderful work, but also for the way she’s constantly spreading positivity on this website. lastly, shoutout to sunny.v, one one my best WtW friends; she’s really sweet and a great writer. 
If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? I have no idea. what do you guys think? maybe a flamingo. I used to be obsessed with them and still have some flamingo decals on my bedroom wall (they never came off). 
What is one thing you will never do again? offer to babysit two potty-training toddlers. (trust me, this is one story you don’t want to hear.)
What do you think makes a good story? a story where the author isn’t constantly focusing on their imagery and diction as they write; the best kind of writing (in my humble opinion!) flows as it is written and is edited for clarity after. I feel like this writing is always the most genuine and interesting.

purple galaxy
Why do you write? I used to write mostly for fun. now it’s a form of release more than anything.
Dreamhouse? open-concept, environmentally friendly, near water, lots of windows, and a really big porch or den.
favorite snack? this is like asking a mom to pick their favorite child.
What's your age? guess ;) 
favorite time of day? Whenever I’m the most awake. 
Zodiac sign? I have no idea! my birthday’s september 11th if anyone wants to let me know what it is, though. 

is there a writing style that you're fond of? I used to only write short stories, but I recently branched out into free-form poetry (around the same time I joined this amazing community). it’s probably my favorite style now because it’s so easy to write. 
how tall are you? okay, this is kind of a funny question because I actually have no idea. every time I go to the doctor they tell me something completely different. somewhere between 5”4 and 5”6?
is there a reason behind your username? my grandparents have a home in colorado, and every year since I was eight we’d go skiing for a week in beaver creek (a small town right near vail). that’s where my mind goes whenever I picture my happy place– the white mountains– which is why it’s my user :) (that was a needlessly cliche explanation, but it’s the truth, so there you go. lol.) 
what are some favorite subjects that you like to read about in pieces? I love when writers get more personal. universal topics are great, but when people write about a unique experience or condition, it adds so much depth because it’s personal. 
do you speak korean? (you mentioned your lineage in a past piece) my korean grandparents speak little to no english, so I speak some out of necessity, but I understand much more than I can speak. 
what do you wish there were more pieces about that you could read? I’d love to see more light, realistic fiction on this site! not every piece has to be eloquent and deep. I’d love a fun read. 
why're you so nice? (haha just had to add that. ty for being my first friend on here! congrats on 40+ followers.) aww, you’re so welcome! ily <3 everybody go check out her work if you haven’t yet!

Do you own a backpack? no, just a jetpack. 
Chilly or warm weather? warm! who would pick chilly?
Night owl or early bird? definitely night owl. 
Is your favorite genre to read the same as your favorite genre to write? If not, what is it? I love reading all genres (except historical fiction. that takes a really well-written piece to get me hooked) as well as writing them! just because I predominantly post one writing style doesn’t mean I don’t love others.  

Charisse Marison
Who/ what is your biggest writing inspiration? all of you :) when I was younger, I thought I was an amazing writer (*ego*). I’ve been humbled since, especially by the many insanely talented writers in this community. y’all really inspire me!
one hobby you would like to take up (if you have time?) I really wanna take a hip-hop dance class. love the energy.
Which Broadway musical would you like to star in and why? this is a hard question! I’d love to play angelica schuyler in hamilton.
What would be your go-to weapon in a zombie apocalypse? a white flag of surrender. 

Tushar Mandhan
A cliche that you like? entertaining the thought that I might be a fictional character in someone else’s book. It’s in a lot of my unpublished angsty writing.
Ice cream in winter or soup in summer? ice cream in winter. I hate soup. 
What are your thoughts on love? I use the word in writing simply to romanticize my feelings, but I think a lot of people mistake infatuation for love.
Mountains or beaches? both in theory, but probably beaches. 

Words & Wisdom
What is something you've always wanted to try but haven't? camping. 
What ridiculous retro fashion trend do you think (or wish) you could rock? neon dangly earrings? 
What is one piece of technology you hope to see in the next 50 years? an all-encompassing diagnosis machine.
What's a word or phrase you wish would come back? “all that and a bag of chips!” or “rad!” (my friend and I tried making “rad” a thing for fun in seventh grade. we lasted a few weeks and then forgot about it.)

Anne Blackwood
If you could live anywhere in the world (disregarding finances), where would you choose? probably LA (but disregarding finances, let’s pretend I’m really rich and could travel the world. ooh, maybe I’d get a houseboat).
What's the weirdest dream you've had? I lucid dream a lot, so my dreams are always super weird. I have this recurring dream that I’m in a car and the driver suddenly disappears but the car keeps going; it’s usually on the highway. the car is speeding crazy fast and I need to get into the driver’s seat and steer because there’s always someone else in the car that I need to save. it’s always terrifying. (if anyone wants to interpret this dream for me, please do.)
If you've taken any psychology personality assessments, what were your results? Examples are the Meyers Briggs (INTJ, EXTP, etc), Holland code (RIASEC), temperament type (melancholic, choleric, etc), true colors, and love language (physical touch, quality time, etc). I didn’t even know some of these existed! pretty sure I’m an ENFP-T  on the myers-briggs and a 7w6 on the enneagram. 
What's your birth order (oldest, youngest, only, etc)? I’m the oldest of four sisters and one brother :)

top five favorite songs at the moment? 
1. July by Noah Cyrus 
2. 3am by Halsey 
3. Without You by Halsey 
4. Hard Sometimes by Ruel
5. Growing Pains by Alessia Cara
a funny story from your childhood? I have way too many to pick one. suffice it to say, I was one WEIRD kid.
favorite novel that isn't well-known? I honestly can’t pick one! not sure if this is well-known or not, but I love all of this is true by lydia day penaflor. it’s a really unique concept, and was definitely a thought-provoking read. 
something random you hate? I hate when my feet feel dirty. I have this really strange habit of washing my feet before I go to sleep (don’t judge me. I promise I’m normal).
something random you believe with all your heart? life on other planets. not the giant green blobby alien variety, but I definitely think some form of life exists. 
school subjects ranked (math science history english and other stuff if you want to include it)? tbh, it always depends on the teacher, but I’d say english, science, history, math. I hate math. 
best mark of punctuation? the semicolon; I use it way too much. (actually, probably parentheses.)
favorite visual artist? I don’t know! do most people have favorites when it comes to these things?
worst insecurity? that people think I'm fake or a wannabe (I hate this in other people).
secret talent? I’m psychic! just kidding. probably songwriting; I love composing and writing lyrics on the piano. I’ve written a ton of music during quarantine, mostly because I have nothing to do. (or rather, don’t want to do the things I should be doing *cough* school.)

if you made it all the way here, thanks for bearing with me! 


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    No washing feet before sleeping isn't mum does it......sometimes me too :P And yeah maths is totally boring and ridiculous.

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  • poetri

    and you're literally the sweetest person, you always comment and like my work and this made my day omg
    side note we're very alike i feel like we'd probably be friends irl :)

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    Ha! I totally laughed out loud at that jetpack comment! I'm going to go ahead and guess that you're 15 or 16 because you're the eldest of 5 siblings. Thank you for answering my questions, I had a fun time reading this. :)

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    "humanities town"
    i love this and smell a title of an amazing prose piece!!
    also, thanks for the love!! it'd been great getting to know you!

    "flows as it is written and is edited for clarity after."
    i 100% agree, many authors just need it to pour out of them.

    i watched TVD like two years ago and i freakin' loved it and watched The Originals after, which i personally liked more ngl :0

    nice getting to know you better! <3

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    Don't surrender to the zombies! You can stay in my survival bunker, if they do end up taking over :)
    And if you're Angelica, can I be Eliza?

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    thx for answering my questions and ur zodiac sign would be a virgo

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  • mia_:)

    Wow! Thank you SOOO much for the shout-out! ily<3! Also, just wanted to relate with the height thing. I once saw three different doctors in the span of two weeks and they all told me that I was a different height. I was very confused. I have never tried cream cheese and jelly on a waffle, but it sounds amazing! If you want to change your life for the better, look up "mochi waffle." you will never be the same again. Also, you're Jewish too? That's so cool! We've never built a sukkah (my parents make the excuse of not having enough room, but we recently moved to a house with a bigger yard and we still don't, so I have my suspicions that they don't want to!) but my sister and I decorate the sukkah with our family friends! It's so fun (we bought this huge gourd for decor but couldn't figure out how to hang it). Anyhoo, that's all that I have to say for now! Haha, this was an extremely long comment!

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  • joella

    should've clarified; what I meant by the fiction thing is that I sometimes think that I might be fictional already (I don't really believe it, but it's a fun thought to entertain).

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    i've been waiting for your answers for a while! i'll come back and comment when i have time to do a more thorough read than just a skim (since i should be studying right now jo please yell at me) but 1) you said to guess your age and i think you've mentioned being a high schooler so...15? 2) you want to be a fictional character in someone else's work?? :0 dude i can totally do that lemme know more abt that and i can totally write you in somewhere haha 3) "favorite snack? this is like asking a mom to pick their favorite child" you're so effortlessly funny dude i'm. 4) you're a virgo!! ps im totally gonna remember your bday so i can write u smth in five months 5) i will be back to read over ur answers more but omg ily too jo you're always being so nice to me i...T^T

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