HELLO! I'm currently working on a novel, I love to make art, and listen to music! I've really enjoyed being a part of a writing community, and writing peer reviews! I'd love to do some peer review exchanges and supporting fellow writers! :)

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This is for a contest, the prompt being a fantasy or daydream you've had.

In need of a distraction

May 15, 2020


When I'm bored, or on a long drive- listening to music and staring out the window I tend to daydream about imaginary people and situations. I like to dream up characters, sometimes there feisty 2 year old demanding for a cone of ice cream, as their pigtails hop up and down. Sometimes, it's familiar characters I dreamed up with an old best friend- a world of gnomes, looking up at the world at 2 inch view. Riding birds across sequoia forests, reaching into a tree and pulling out the soul sword as an army of onyx mushrooms, trolls, and ever despicable creature descends upon the Great Sequoia. Sometimes, it's my beloved character's Will and Hazel who've constantly grown and changed over the years. They banter and argue, listen to 90's rock at The Sockeye while solving their next mystery, or eating Ben and Jerry's with Will's little sister Avril. Falling asleep next to each other after discovering there's a killer on the loose. Sometimes, it's odd concepts- and metaphors that can only make sense at the time. Sometimes, it's of dreams I had the night before- the way it had been so vivid and captivating, recently how I was designing a play based on the book Looking for Alaska, and I was obsessed with finding the perfect soundtrack and it's all I wanted to talk to people about, and in the same dream- it might have been Hazel, but they were leaned against a van while it was peak October, standing outside their high school. Sometimes, it's simple conversations between blank slates. As they answer slightly differently their characters start to take form.
That's what I daydream about, stories and characters, all of the things I want to write about or draw.


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  • AnnKat

    Oh cool!! Yeah it probably is!! It's so funny to realize there are people who have similar habits as me, just bc I haven't met any before!! XD

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    same!! daydreaming during tests when we’re waiting for everyone to finish is my favorite thing! i always make up elaborate stories. perhaps it’s a writer thing!

    5 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    Oh my gosh same! I feel like when I'm bored or driving I come up with the best character ideas :D

    5 months ago