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Middle Ground

May 15, 2020


Oh, to live on line between the dark and the light
to exist in the greyed yellows of summer sun kissed dusks
and the blue purples of frost covered dawns.
To simply be when the light leaves and arrives
without the bright colors of sunset and sunrise
to sully the calm. 

Sometimes, a muffled sigh is all you need
instead of the constant scream of blinding white
and seductive whisper of endless black.
The kindness of quiet, the softness of grey
can be comfort when all life has done
has taken a harsh toll.

The middle ground is sometimes unforgiving
in it's apathetic silence and dreamless sleep.
Most don't stay for long, pulled out
by glowing ambition and growling nightmares.
But it is always there, hanging in the balance
undisturbed by the world.
I seem to be in the grey right now. It's I nice change. I'll leave soon.


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1 Comment
  • celestialbard

    Oh gosh I love how you’ve created the setting of the Middle Ground through your beautiful descriptions. I especially love ‘To simply be when the light leaves and arrives’

    about 1 year ago