I'm Issy.
I'm 14 and an aspiring artist and author.
Black Lives matter.
Bi puns
Murder mystery TV shows
Shakespeare poetry
I can't even be bothered writing them all down
Have a nice day

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Remember to write even if you think you are bad at it, you're not

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May 14, 2020


The icy water seeps into my clothing, making me even more cold. 
    I force myself to open my eyes under the water. I can barely see a thing and the sea is so cold that my heart is racing.
    I trained myself to be able to hold my breath for a long time but in the sea it is hard. The sand swirls around my like the storm above. I look around and can just see the compos sinking to the seafloor. I dive down toward it using all of my strength. 
    The silence is defining. I can hear my heart and little more.
    I make a grab for the compos. I don't think I can stay under much longer. The compos brushes my hand and I clutch at it, hope surging through me despite how worn out my lungs are.
    A massive wave creates an underwater-sandstorm and I have to close my eyes. The wave tears our compos from my hand. It is lost to the sea.
    My lungs are tightening up, I have to breath or I'll die. I abandon the compos and focus on getting to the boat. I am only a meter or so underwater and right next to it. I splutter and cough as I pull myself up onto the edge of the boat, Krystal helping drag me up. She can seem quite high-strung but underneath she is the most loyal, kindest person I know.
    "Did you find it?"
    I look at her glumly, not entirely because I am to sad about not finding the compos to bother, mostly because I am very short of breath.
    Her face falls, all hope of finding our way home washed away like sea-glass off a beach.
    "Look on the bright side," I say, "If we don't get home, everyone will worship us as hero's lost at sea and we can become Amazons." I grin weakly, lying down on the deck to catch my breath. 


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  • poetri

    Very well written, I enjoyed this very much. Keep writing!

    12 months ago