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May 13, 2020


it starts off feeling like everyone's eyes are on me, siphoning off my confidence and taking it for their own. the waves of the unrelenting sea take over, stealing me away from the solace of the shore. i will myself to fight and win this all too familiar battle, but my opponent is undefeated, and i crumple under the pressure.

i am swallowed whole. every part of me resists, but i become the catalyst in this reaction.

i lose myself somewhere down that whirpool, suffocating in the chaos that crept in through the cracks. the water is rushing in now; my choices are dwindling and there is nowhere to run. i feel myself buckle under the waves of emotion, feeling the weight of my own vulnerability on my shoulders.

i am drowning quietly. every part of me disappears, but i never let them see a thing.
i wrote this when i was being dramatic before my o levels years ago ... the stress really got to me haha. but this is mainly what i went through then for a while and then i learnt how these dramatics are normal ~adolescent things~ during one of my psych classes (hence the title) and tbh it helped to explain a lot. 


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  • sunny.v

    this is such a big mood for a student lol. don't apologize for being dramatic! i think it actually fits nicely into the tone of the piece ^-^

    7 months ago
  • ElsaRee

    wow! nice!

    7 months ago