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teenage fantasies

By: sunny.v


they say this generation’s too loud
say we’re a rebel crowd
say we’re made of snowflakes
brewing up a white haze

they say we’re too young
ask, “what have today’s youth done?”
wrapped up in a teen fantasy
hey, how’s social security?

well since you know
how it is to be a teen
don’t take us seriously
pleased to be, and courtesy, of Gen Z

teenage fantasies, you and i, they say
but we’re just trying to live
in a world that won’t give
us the time of day

so i guess we’re delinquents
we know that they think it
equality is our graffiti
give us death or give us liberty

and in a country that silences the teens
a so called democracy
one day, they’ll get to see what we can be
hindsight’s only twenty-twenty

(for our teenage fantasies)

-i’ve been writing a lot of songs to cope with my ap exams and this started off as my third one! i decided against continuing to write it as one though, so here it is
-“give me death or give me liberty” is a quote from the american revolution
-i finished 3 of my ap exams and i have 2 left next week. perhaps give me feedback as motivation?

Message to Readers

ap exams are smiting me, perhaps give me feedback to help me survive?

Peer Review

I love the theme that carries through and how the imagery used ties into it.

I would not add or take anything away.

Reviewer Comments

I wish you the best of luck on your AP exams. This is an amazing piece, keep writing! <3